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Daily UFO Headlines 9/17/10

About Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.


  1. Allow me to preface this by saying that I have always been a skeptic of things existing outside of our own world, understanding or knowledge base. You see, I am a practicing Physician, a licensed Medical Doctor, and with all my decades of schooling, I have always been taught to prove things with the Scientific Method, for otherwise, if they cannot be proven or repeated, they do not exist and hence, cannot be called a Law, let alone a hypothesis. My life changed dramatically, however, this evening; September 17th, 2010 at 3 am…the day I am writing this narrative.

    My dog was yearning to go outside. I had been awake working on the computer at the time, as I usually do my best thinking in the evening, and I did not have to report for duty the next day. Finally I said OK to my dog and we proceeded to walk outside and into the South-Easterly direction where we always begin our walks. The house faces East and we walk to the right and down our street. It felt about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. There was no wind or breeze at the time and there were no clouds or fog at all in the sky at that time. Less than 2 miles East is the Pacific Ocean. There are pine trees in our neighborhood and some reach 70-100 feet high. However, we had most of the trees removed from around our house due to a recent incident where a tree fell and caused massive damage to some structures.

    This evening, upon reaching the bottom of my driveway, I could not help be see a bright orange “ball” in the sky in the South-Easterly direction. It was peering through a distant tree at the time, but it was so bright and beautiful that it could not be ignored. I stopped in my tracks and said aloud,” is that the moon…how could it be so bright or so orange when it is that far above the horizon?!” I moved to my right to get a better view from the street and without any tree in my way, but I did not need to move far as this light was moving…and fast! Within about 3 seconds I saw an identical light behind it, perhaps slightly smaller than the first. Mathematically, one cannot calculate their exact distance away from the Earth, their rate of travel, or their absolute size in space without having a known reference point, something relative to the object in question for reference, or some other known variables to calculate the equations in physics for time, space and travel. Both of these were traveling in the exact same path, the second appearing perhaps just slightly lower in the sky than the first. There were no sounds at all…no breaking of a sound barrier, no evidence of combustion or fuel consumption, and there was no sun or moon to be seen anywhere in the sky. These two VERY bright things were being lit-up from within, and not from any reflection or refraction of light. In fact, these were so much brighter than anything I have ever seen in the sky before, including the evening Space Shuttle and rocket launches that I have gone to see in the evenings of the past. I could not make out any specific structure, shape or entity, however, these two “lights” appeared round in shape. I have taken years of Science classes, including Physics and Chemistry courses in college, and I have always taken what I would consider to be an amateur interest in Astronomy by taking elective courses in college, reading literature on the subject and watching scientific programs that relate to our knowledge of the skies above. Note that I have no problem with my hearing and that I do wear glasses to see afar. My spectacles are always on when I walk my dog so that I can see if there are any wild animals in our path so that my dog does not chase them or get sprayed by a skunk! I had a flashlight in hand but I never turned it on.

    Naturally, I began to question myself…”Is that a planet, a star, a jet plane, a rocket or missile or, because of its speed, is it a meteor?!” There was clearly no trail on either “light.” There were no sounds at all…no cars, no planes, no thunder, no sirens or city lights, as I am in the woods here! All I could make out in the distance was a very slight crashing of the waves along the rocky shoreline.

    I have never seen this color orange, except maybe when I burned some certain gases and elements in the Chemistry labs. They were so bright (and beautiful)! Both were about the same intensity and hue. Again, there were no trails and no sounds emanating from these, or from my surroundings otherwise. I concluded during my observation that these were not meteors when the second “light” went out for a period of 3-5 seconds and then came on again, just exactly as bright and intense as it went out! It did this two times before I ran to get my wife inside the house. How could a meteor burn out and then come back again just as bright as it went out, and with the same exact trajectory?! The skies were clear and nothing obstructed my view at this time. The second “one” was actually following the course of the first exactly! The one in front stayed illuminated during my entire observation.

    I have NO questions in my mind in terms of “what” I was seeing. Please note that I do not take mind altering drugs and that I was not half asleep at the time. I was able to see the clear sky perfectly with my glasses on, as they correct my vision well enough to see planets and constellations without a problem. On occasion I get a reflection out of the corner of my glasses, but this was no reflection! These 2 “lights” were in the sky heading North-Westerly, at such a great speed and without a sound! I even peeked my eyes over my lenses to be certain that I was not mistaken in any way! It was total darkness and in fact, I had not turned on the front porch light and no lights or motion detectors from the neighboring houses were on or activated at that time. Further, there was no question that these were in the sky and traveling at speeds faster than I have ever seen anything fly across the sky before! This includes NASA’s Space Shuttle and the Blue Angel’s Boeing F/A-18 Hornets at an air show when they make their final pass over the crowd!

    I had to have someone else see this! I hesitated for about 25 seconds or so because I did not want to leave them or for them to go away or vanish without me witnessing it. Faster than I have ever moved before, I ran into the house waking my wife with a great sense of urgency. Within about 15 seconds, she was in front of the house with me but by then I did not see them anymore. So I told her to run and follow me alongside the back of the house, in the direction they seemed to have been going, and she did. She confirmed part of what I saw, however, below I will have her document her own experience of what she witnessed tonight with her own eyes! What I saw at that time, from the side of the house, was one bright orange light right through the dense tree that is growing in back of our house. Normally I can’t see a star, let alone a planet, through that pine tree on any other night due to the density of the needles on the tree! These “things” were appearing to travel in a direction over the Pacific Ocean and in the exact same course, or trajectory, where I would expect them to be if I were to extrapolate their path within the sky.

    In conclusion, this changed my life forever because now I know that just because we cannot prove something with science, doesn’t mean that it can’t exist. As a scientist, I want proof that whatever these were, they were either something created by humans i.e. the government or some private industry, or that they simply were not. Please! Vandenberg Air Force Base (VAFB) is about 90 miles to the South of me, so I am most curious if they had any activity, documentation, recordings, launches or sightings at that time…3 am on September 17th, 2010. It is fresh on my mind and I shake when I type because I have never been so moved, perplexed , amazed and astounded in my life before…all at the same time! This defies everything I have ever learned and witnessed in my 44 years of life and wonder. I have seen the electromagnetic effects of the earth in the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and this was nothing like that! As I search for an explanation, I know VAFB is not scheduled to launch the Atlas V until the 20th of September.

    Please recall that I witnessed two of these “things” and that the one “in back” flashed 2 times at about 5 second intervals during my direct and uninterrupted period of observation. There were no trails, no sounds and no vibrations of any sort. There was no fog, no cars, no clouds, no search lights, no ambient or direct lights and my vision was not impaired by anything for a at least a full 50 degree visual angle.

    Without knowing the height of these, the speed is difficult to calculate or imagine. If it was within our atmosphere, I would expect that the sound barrier would have been broken at that rate of travel. Above our atmosphere, even a rocket traveling at a thousand miles an hour could not cover this amount of distance across the sky in that period of time. And they were not going up. They were going across. There were no blinking lights nor any other colors that I could see. I most sincerely hope that somewhere the skies are being recorded at a telescope in California, Arizona or Hawaii that might have documented this event! Or perhaps someone else who witnessed something in the skies this evening will come forward with their independent observations just as I did. My patients may call me crazy and the scientific community might label me an outcast. But I am certain about what I saw and I can’t even conjure up an explanation for this based upon a scientific paradigm. Also, the probability of something like this happening to me again in my lifetime is negligible. Therefore, I was compelled to write this down and document it with the greatest degree of accuracy as soon as possible so that unlike a dream, this will never fade from my memory and nor will it become distorted over time or subject to any pressures of embellishment. I am thrilled that my wife got to see a fraction of what I did, but I wish that someone else could have seen this entire event the way that I did. Certainly there was more to it than just what I saw. But I am grateful that I saw as much as I did!

    Thank you for taking the time to read about my experience. Having a lot of credibility to lose within the medical community, I would never put my career on the line to make up such a story, nor do I (obviously) have anything to gain from reporting this information. I simply want to share my life-changing experience with those who are curious or who have experienced unusual phenomenon in their own lives. But most of all, I hope this might bring some awareness to the scientific community that we are very likely not alone and perhaps this can act as a catalyst to raise more questions and trigger more research and investigations into finding out if there is a simple explanation for this…or not! My wife reports her brief encounter below. Thank you.

    On September 17th 2010 at approximately 3:00am my husband ran into the house screaming that I must come outside immediately. He did not say why. I followed him to the front of the house where he told me to look into the sky where I saw nothing. He then ran alongside the house, tripping on his way up the steps, where he pointed into the sky. I was on the 2nd step and I saw through the tree in our back yard, a VERY bright, large orange light. I took another step up the stairs and moved my head to the side to follow the light and I saw it without the tree in the way. The total time was about 3-5 seconds for me. It looked like it was going up in the sky and in the direction over the ocean. Then it was gone. I told him what I saw and he told me his story. They matched. We took a walk right after that with our dog for about an hour. We looked in the skies, talked about what we saw and we watched about 5 shooting stars within that hour of our walk. This color orange was unlike anything I have ever seen in the skies, both in terms of hue and intensity. It was as intense as that of the orange part of a blowtorch. It was moving fast. I can’t say if the light went out or it disappeared from my viewpoint.

  2. i saw the same oran bronzebright craft but it moved slower over my head far enough where i saw a outline and made no noise

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