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UFOs…Seriously LIVE!

UFOs…Seriously LIVE! Ep 7 – Credible UFO News and Information

In this episode we discuss the Hunt for the Skinwalker documentary and the secret friends and family premiere Alejandro was able to attend. Alejandro was able to get exclusive interviews with the filmmakers and an interview with journalists and author George Knapp on Open Minds UFO Radio. We also talk about the latests To the Stars, UFO stats and more.

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Video: UFOs…Seriously LIVE – Episode 1

In this weekly program, Alejandro will discuss the week's stories on UFOs and related topics, talk about past and upcoming podcasts, events, and interviews, and whatever else we are up to. At OpenMinds.tv we have gone through some changes, and we look forward to reconnecting with our YouTube audience. Watch the first episode above!

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