Woman records video of a UFO in Queensland, Australia

A woman in the Queensland city of Bundaberg captured video of a strange light in the sky on March 18, 2013.

UFO seen over Bundaberg. (Credit: Bundaberg NewsMail)
UFO seen over Bundaberg. (Credit: Bundaberg NewsMail)

The anonymous woman reported her UFO sighting to the Bundaberg NewsMail–Bundaberg’s daily newspaper. She explained to the paper, “At about 9:15 pm as I was watching television I saw through the open lounge room door a blue light that came down like a beam not far from our house, or at least it looked like that . . . It came down from the sky, deathly quiet, and then disappeared.”

She posted her video to her Facebook page, and sent it to the Bundaberg NewsMail as well, hoping that someone might be able to shed some light on the mysterious object she observed. She told the paper, “Of course there could be quite a simple explanation for it, but I can’t think of one.”

This anonymous woman’s sighting is just one of many that have been reported to the Bundaberg NewsMail recently. Another interesting sighting was reported to the paper by retired train driver Victor Olsen.

According to Olsen, strange lights in the sky were commonly seen by the train’s night workers. But he shared his most memorable UFO sighting with the Bundaberg NewsMail. The sighting occurred in 1967. On this particular evening, his train was traveling from Maryborough to Bundaberg. He was shocked when a red, spinning UFO appeared in front of the train. He describes the object as looking like “two saucers faced together.” He estimates the craft was approximately thirty-five feet wide, and he got a good look at it too, as it was only fifteen feet in front of the train. Because the UFO was so close, Olsen says he was able to see the craft’s occupants. He describes, “They had a long neck on them and an elongated head – nothing like I’ve ever seen before . . . They looked like nothing on earth, like a stick with a head.”

Olsen asserts that he and his team were instructed not to report the sighting. He explains, “The armed forces told the railway to ‘shut up or you’ll scare the people.'”

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