William Shatner writing novel about UFOs and alien abduction

William Shatner was a guest on Larry King Now on Wednesday, April 23.

In this episode, the eighty-three-year-old actor, author, musician, and comedian speaks with King about a variety of topics including the cinematic showing of his one-man show, technology, the environment, and wine, among other things. The two also discuss a book about UFOs and alien abduction on which Shatner is currently working.

William Shatner on Larry King Now. (Credit: Ora TV)

Shatner does not really provide any details about this book, but when King asks him about it, Shatner brings up famed Harvard psychiatrist and alien abduction researcher, John Mack. Shatner explains that Mack “was given, by a friend of his, the opportunity to interview some of the people who said that we’ve been abducted by UFOs. After two hundred interviews, he concluded that they were right.”

Mack, a year before his death, with Budd Hopkins, the American artist and abduction researcher, at the International U.F.O. Congress Awards in 2003. (Credit: Stuart Conway/Vanity Fair)

Shatner continues,

His conclusion was UFOs are on another plain, another reality. They may not be the meteors we see that we think are UFOs . . . In microphysics, sometimes the act of observing brings about the event . . . So, there may be a photon of light that doesn’t exist but suddenly comes into existence while you’re examining that goes off in another direction and ceases to exist. The principle being that there is such mystery of what we puny human beings have no knowledge of.

Shatner has a fondness for exploring mysteries and the unknown. And his book will seemingly explore the mystery of alien abduction specifically. After listening to Shatner’s commentary on alien abduction, King asks him if he believes that UFOs exist. Rather than offering a simple answer, Shatner comments, “Are they a product of us? There’s a mystery here. When a mind like Johnny Mack can say this happened, there’s too much community in these people who say they’ve been abducted, there’s too much emotional baggage, something is happening. What is it? That’s the question. So, do UFOs exist? It depends on what you mean ‘exist.'”

As Time magazine points out, Shatner has been vocal about his extraterrestrial beliefs. In a 2010 Montreal Gazette interview, he states, “There is no doubt that there is life out there; the mathematics of it lead you to that absolute conclusion. In my mind, there is no doubt that the universe teems — teems! — with life in all its forms.” Shatner hosted a show that premiered in 2010 titled William Shatner’s Weird or What? in which his fascination with exploring the inexplicable, including alien encounters, was showcased. The show debuted on History in Canada, and also made it’s way to Discovery and SyFy in the United States.

Shatner on Weird or What. (Credit: SyFy)

Shatner did not mention the name of his upcoming book about alien abductions or announce a projected release date on Larry King Now. But he is active on Twitter (@williamshatner), so any announcements regarding the book will most likely be made there first.

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