Video tour of the San Luis Valley UFO Watchtower in Colorado

A new YouTube channel focused on events in Colorado has taken a trip to the UFO Watchtower in the mysterious San Luis Valley in Colorado. The valley is known as a hotspot for all kinds of paranormal occurrences, especially UFO sightings and cattle mutilations.

The YouTube channel About Colorado TV has posted a playlist of 126 videos taken at the UFO Watchtower, many of which are interviews with the establishment’s founder, Judy Messoline. She says she moved out to the San Luis valley to raise cattle. However, when she heard about all of the UFO sightings and strange occurrences, she decided that there was a need for a watchtower to observe these mysterious events. Since opening, Messoline says they have collected over 70 UFO sightings.

Messoline has published a book documenting the sightings from the UFO Watchtower titled, That Crazy Lady Down the Road. She says that is how locals would refer to her, but she points out that she would not have put up the tower in the first place had it not been for the amazing stories from those locals.

She says the purpose of the UFO Watchtower is to provide information. She believes people need to be educated about the strange things going on in the sky. “I have made a place for people to go and talk about their experiences,” explains Messoline. “When you experience seeing a UFO, or you think you have been abducted, it’s hard to tell anyone about it.”

Messoline says there is also a vortex in the rock garden in front of the UFO Watchtower. In fact, while filming the About Colorado TV cameraman had problems with his equipment. Once he got things back online, Messoline explained that electrical interference is a common occurrence around that spot.

Problems with sounds equipment:

Messoline’s explanation after malfunction:

If you want to experience the mystery of the valley at a unique location, you can go find out more at They are also hosting a UFO conference on July 27 to 28, 2013. You can camp right there at the watchtower. She says one of the highlights of the conference is sky watching at night and every year they have had a UFO sighting.

Note: The UFO Watchtower is the location of this author’s first UFO sighting. Seriously!

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