VIDEO: Hunt for the Skinwalker – Exclusive interview at pre-premiere screening in Las Vegas

Based on the best-selling book by George Knapp & Dr. Colm Kelleher, Hunt for The Skinwalker investigates the confidential, most extensive scientific study of a paranormal hotspot in human history. This is an exclusive interview with filmmaker Jeremy Corbell at the friends and family pre-premeire screening in Las Vegas.

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—Transcript of Interview—

Alejandro: Okay. So we’ve got an exclusive interview with Jeremy Corbell, we’re at a premiere of the movie. Of course, Open Minds listeners know who Jeremy is, and they know I’m a huge fan of your films-

Jeremy: Thanks, man.

Alejandro: … so this is really exciting, this has gotta be exciting for you.

Jeremy: This is, man. This is the premiere of Hunt for the Skinwalker, that film goes live on iTunes on September 11th for everybody to watch, but you and everybody gets to see today, really, the pre-premiere before it’s launched to the public. And man, this is an exciting movie, two hours and seven minutes, plus an hour and a half of bonus features. You have never seen footage from inside Skinwalker Ranch. This film shows you hours of it. During active investigations by the NIDS team. It’s incredible. So thanks to George Knapp and all the work that he’s done for over two decades, this movie is gonna show it to you. It’s gonna show all the goods.

Alejandro: So cool. So a couple of parts, cattle mutilations have happened on that ranch, there’s been UFO sightings, a lot of people feel that those are a type of phenomena related to aliens. Were there aliens at the ranch, you think?

Jeremy: Well, whatever is there certainly is alien to us. We don’t know for sure the nature of this reality. There seems to be something that’s been here longer than us, and recorded since the beginning of recorded human history. We see a pantheon of that at the ranch, it really, truly is like a paranormal Disneyland. And you might not believe it, or someone else might not believe it. They might dub it aliens or portholes or dimensional beings, I don’t know. Nobody knows. But the fact of the matter is yes, craft are visible there. Huge craft. Beings that we would call aliens, that are certainly alien to us, occur and interact, close encounters, with people not only on the ranch, but in the Uintah Basin. So look man, I don’t know what’s going on there. If I try to give you a theory it would be a guess. What I do now is that it’s worth and worthy of investigation, and that’s what this film is going to do, it’s going to light a fuse, man.

Alejandro: And it’s gonna show that the government felt it was worthy of investigation and spent millions of dollars doing that.

Jeremy: It’s gonna break the news, it’s gonna tell you in-depth the connection between the 22 million dollars from Harry Reid, that all began with Skinwalker Ranch, it was targeted and focused on Skinwalker Ranch. The majority of that funding went to Skinwalker Ranch. AATIP, what we were told through the New York Times, is a very small part of the bigger truth. And this film, with the bonus materials, will clarify that.

Alejandro: Last question is, with this film, what is your intent, what is your main goal, with getting this information out?

Jeremy: Alejandro, you know my main goal. That is to weaponize your curiosity, take you from being a passive observer and consumer to a participant. That’s it.

Alejandro: Thank you so much.


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