UFOs leave aircraft enthusiast perplexed

An aircraft enthusiast observed three UFOs over Wales, near the English county of Shropshire, on the night of Wednesday, August 13.

The witness, Mervyn Davies, is a model aircraft enthusiast and the founder of the Oswestry and District Flying Club. He noticed the first UFO at approximately 9:45 p.m. from his bedroom window. The bright white light led Davies to believe he was watching a helicopter. But after observing the UFO through binoculars, he could see the object was “liked a banana shape, with both its points facing down, like in an arch.” In addition to the bright white light, Davies says he also observed red and green lights coming from the UFO.

He describes to the Shropshire Star that this UFO “climbed very slowly into space and then just stopped there.” Based on the object’s appearance and behavior, Davies is convinced that this UFO was not a helicopter or a plane.

An illustration of what Davies observed. (Credit: Shropshire Star)

After the first object “rose into space,” the witness describes two other bright objects emerging from or near the initial UFO. These two additional bright white lights reportedly shot across the sky at incredible speeds. Davies estimates the objects were traveling five times faster than a jet normally flies.

Davies observed the UFOs for approximately thirty minutes before he took his dog inside the house. When Davies returned, the lights were no longer visible.

The witness is perplexed by what he observed. He explains to the Shropshire Star, “I know what aircraft can do because I do the model flying club and I go to all the air shows such as at Welshpool and Cosford and these were definitely not normal aircraft.”

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