UFO video over Hong Kong captured by former TV reporter

A former cable TV reporter believes he caught video of a UFO near his home in Hong Kong.

According to ePrice.com.hk, a Hong Kong online merchant, the man who captured the UFO video was Wu Xiaodong Yi, who they say is a former cable TV reporter for TVB in Hong Kong. ePrice reports that Yi first spotted the UFO on the evening of October 5, but was only able to take a low quality cell phone photograph of it.

In hopes that the UFO would return, the next night Yi was prepared with a video camera to record the object. Luckily, Yi was right, and the object did return. He was able to get a few minutes of video before the object disappeared.

Yi says the object could be seen for about 10 to 20 minutes before disappearing.

The video, posted presumably on Yi’s YouTube account with the handle Smileboyhk, shows a bright point of light over some city buildings. As is common with auto-focus, the focus goes in and out, and when out of focus the object appears to be diamond shaped. This is an effect of the aperture, and does not reflect the true shape of the object.

It does not appear as though the UFO has returned, but we will need to keep an eye on Yi’s YouTube account to find out.

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