UFO video over Dusseldorf Airport in Germany

A German YouTuber has captured a UFO video over the Dusseldorf Airport in Germany. However, an airport spokesperson is skeptical that it was something out of this world.

The mysterious object can be seen at the top left of the screen in the video. It is dark, long and rectangular in shape. The object moves slowly to the left until it exits off screen.

The video was posted September 4, 2013 on a YouTube account named “onpriel1.” The description says the video was obtained using a video capture program, apparently from an airport webcam. The Dusseldorf Airport’s website has a page of webcams.

It is only a short video, and onprile1 explains that this is because once the object was spotted it took a minute to launch the video capture software. Onpriel1 also turned off user comments on the video due to “unqualified or ridiculous and insulting comments.” We can all relate to that.

German newspaper RP Online featured the video this morning. According to their article, other videos of light phenomenon captured around the airport have led conspiracy theorists to speculate about UFOs.

RP Online interviewed a spokesperson for the airport, Verena Wefers, who told them, “It was a beautiful day with blue sky. It is unlikely that such an object only now noticed on a video…” Wefers says the object in the video was not caught on radar, and suggests it was actually a banner being drawn by an aircraft. Wefers says that these sorts of banners are often flown over the city in the summer.

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