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A mysterious object was reported in the sky above Polk County, Florida last night.

UFO reported in Polk County, FL

(credit: FOX 13)

(credit: FOX 13)

A mysterious object was reported in the sky above Polk County, Florida last night.

Several witnesses reported the UFO to local Fox affiliate FOX 13. The bright object was followed by a smoke or vapor trail. Witnesses were unable to determine if the object was burning up, or if it simply had an illuminated vapor trail because of the setting sun. The UFO could have been a meteor or space junk entering Earth’s atmosphere, but witnesses were not able to determine the object’s identity, and FOX 13 has been unable to reach experts who might be able to identify the strange object.

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  1. Karel Rasin, Exopolitics Czech Republic

    On Sunday, Sept.10th 2003 a group of camp vizitors sighted an untipical object in the northwest area in Lipno´s damn (summer resort) above South Bohemia (Czech Republic). It was 8:40 p.m. One of the camp vizitors run to the tent to bring his video camera. He began to shot but his hand was shaking with excitement. So he put his video camera upon the cabin roof of their car.
    At first sight the strange object looked like an aircraft in problems – burning plane. But the object moved very slow and there was no sound response and no flames blazing. Roughly after 2 – 3 minutes the shining object dissapeared behind the horizon.
    The video footage has been sent to TV and the TV workers decided to release it in the news next day. They invited in to the news studio two guests. The astronomer Z. Rozehnal and ufologist K. Rasin. Both specialists were not able to say, in that moment, what it could be.
    UFO researchers got the footage for analyses and promised to appear in TV again with some explanation.

    Working hypotheses
    We began with some working versions.
    1. Meteor. But the final report of astronomy experts from Prag´s observatory was: „Too slow for meteor, bolid etc. We didn´t observe any comet and nothing strange. We think it must be UFO.“
    2. Fuel draining out of the rocket stage. We reasoned about this theory because there was an analogy from the year 1994. American spy satelite at this time drained a rest of fuel because of sun lighting. It was out of precautionary measures. But the sunbeams fell from the other side which created an unusual pnenomenon in the night sky. Many people was confused and though it UFO. This assumption turned out to be inconclusive and no one confirmed us the presence of any rocket.
    We tried to get also some expression of Military Airforce. Ofcourse the spokesman of MA was very ironic in his statement and practicaly mocking the UFO version: „We didn´t have anything in the air. We absolutely deny any speculations of some kind object belonging to Military or Army forces. We are reputable institution and refuse to deal with such eyewash.“
    3. Meteorologic balloon or altitude probe. We contact weather station in Prague to find their standpoint. They said they have had no balloon in those area. They took a view it would have to be very big balloon and they wouldn´t have.
    4. Plasmatic phenomenon. The explanation of physicist from Czech Academy of Science has been very clear: „No plasmatic pnehomenon can´t act like this. No fata morgana – reflection of some earth fire.“
    5. Condensing line behind the unknown craft.
    Meteorogy experts have in their mind that it coul be very unusual condensing line behind a craft on the background of sunset. The weather condition of that day was clear, cloudless and no wind.
    6. Finaly we refer to the workers of Air Traffic Control at the Prag´s airport. We gave to them an azimuth of sighting, the approximate high above the horizon and the direction of the strange object flight. They analysed the indications and sent us their conclusion: „It might be the irregular airline from Italy (Costa Smeralda) to Gdaňsk (Poland). This was the only one airline in those area in this hour (about 9 p.m.) in its air corridor. It could be smaller plane Learjet 60 flying in 12 200 meters high. The camp vizitors were watching the plane from the distance about 80 km.“

    The possible conclusion of UFO Learjet 60?

    The information we gathered from all investigating sources led to the opinion that mysterious object in the sky was the plane Learjet 60. The fire illusion could be the untypically spotlighted condensing line behind the plane. Of course some are not conviced there was the smaller aircraft and they are not satisfied with it.

  2. I just found this. I too got similar images of an object. Mine where taken in west Broward county, FL. In the western direction. At Sun set. They happened in in 2013. have time lapse photos.

  3. it is 7/22/18 in winter haven 2:00am and i just witnessed similar sighting, ran back upstairs to get my brother to see and it was gone…..

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