UFO photo captured over the town of Barnoldswick in the UK

The Pendle Today newspaper has posted a UFO photograph today submitted by a local resident which shows a strange light over the town.

Pendle Today writes, “A Hollins Road resident took this picture from a house overlooking Valley Gardens after seeing the classic disc shaped object, circles in the top right of the image, at around 7am.”

There is not much information provided, such as whether the picture was taken outside or through a window. The object in the picture does look similar to other UFO photographs believed to be reflections from lights inside the house that were reflecting on the window when the pictures were taken.

Suspected UFO photographs also taken in England, look similar to the one posted today.

Two UFOs photographed in Kent (Credit: Ernestas Griksas/The Sun)

The image below is a clear example of a reflection of a light fixture in a photograph taken through a window that looks like a giant UFO descending on an unsuspecting neighborhood.

Lamp relection that looks like a UFO. (Credit: http://imgur.com/o4VAn9v)
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