UFO over Trindade Island, Brazil January 16, 1958 (Video)

The Trindade Island incident is one of ufology’s most famous photographic cases because of its circumstances and the official interest it received from Brazilian authorities.

In the Open Minds archives, which were passed on by Lt Col. Wendell Stevens, There are several photographs and other items that document this event.

These photos’ all have this “APRO” copyright stamp on the back and this envelope looks as if it is what the original images were sent in.

Well-known civilian photographer, Almiro Barauna, took the pictures. He took the photo while onboard the Brazilian Navy training ship Almirante Saldanha, which was conducting research for the International Geophysical Year at the island of Trindade in the South Atlantic Ocean. Many officers, sailors, and civilians on the ship confirmed the sighting of a UFO, and while the navy investigated the case, it was initially kept secret. But when the dossier reached Brazil’s President Juscelino Kubitschek, he released it to the press and the photos made worldwide headlines.

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