UFO Encounter Interview Clips with Navy Pilots from History’s Unidentified

History is gearing up for the premiere of their new UFO reality show Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation. It airs this Friday, May 31 after Ancient Aliens. The show has already generated a ton of press, and the show cast members were key in influencing the Navy to take a closer look at UFO reports, as reported in Politico by Unidentified cast member Bryan Bender.

Bender’s article, and a new article in the New York Times that includes witness testimony from Navy pilots, has hit the media by storm. Now, in the middle of the media fervor, History has released these clips of interviews with some of those pilots.

CLIP 1 – Former Navy pilot Lt. Ryan Graves recalls his experience encountering UFOs while on the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

CLIP 2 – Former Navy pilot Lt. Ryan Graves and Navy pilot Lt. Danny Aucoin discuss their experiences encountering UFOs while on active duty with the Navy.

CLIP 3 – Former Navy pilot Lt. Ryan Graves makes the shocking claim that multiple unidentified crafts appeared in the Middle East over the Arabian Gulf, while the carrier strike group was launching air strikes in Syria.


Visit the History channel website for Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation here.  

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