UFO caught on security camera in Puerto Rico

A man taking his dog for a walk noticed a strange light in the sky, which luckily was captured on video by a security camera.

This UFO sighting was sent to us by PuertoRicoUFOs.com, and includes the witness testimony and security camera footage (seen above).

According to PuertoRicoUFOs.com, the witness says,

On May 5, 2014, approx. 19:39 pm, I was walking my dog ​​in the garden when I noticed a distance of a bright object in the sky just above the town of Fajardo, Puerto Rico. The object appeared from nowhere rose about 200 meters and remained at that point for about 5 seconds and then shot down at 60 degree angle. The object disappeared when entering a dark area. I also noticed in the sky was a dark cloud with lights going on and turning off near where the object disappeared.

The video corroborates what the witness saw. It shows a point of light enter from the upper left side of the screen heading upward. It almost looks like a shooting star going up instead of down. The object then stops before quickly heading back the way it came.

Fajardo can be seen on the eastern tip of Puerto Rico. (Credit: Google Maps)

The movement is strange for a plane or a helicopter, but not impossible for either aircraft. A remote controlled drone could definitely move as quickly and nimbly as the object in the video. As PuertoRicoUFOs.com points out, “Either way, it is clear that the camera captured an object under intelligent control in the night sky.”

What do you think?

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