A UFO buzzes a football stadium in Argentina

A UFO flew over el Nuevo Gasometro stadium in the Buenos Aires, Argentina neighborhood of Boedo during a football (soccer) match between home team San Lorenzo and Botafogo on April 1, 2014.

A television camera reportedly captured the object as it quickly flew over the stadium. The enthusiastic crowd is focused on celebrating the game’s final goal, unfazed by the UFO. The website Unexplained Mysteries describes, “There are no flashing lights or other indicators that the object is a conventional aircraft and it seems to move too quickly to be a blimp or balloon. The object also appears to change direction slightly just before disappearing out of view.”

Similarly, Scott C. Waring from the website UfoSightingsDaily.com comments, “This UFO demonstrates incredible agility as it moves up and down in altitude, but whats even more remarkable is its speed. In less than 5 seconds it circled half the stadium!”

The video was uploaded to YouTube by a group that uploads videos from fans of the San Lorenzo team.

UFOs actually appear multiple times in the nearly seven minute long video (at the 0:06 mark, the 1:21 mark, and the 4:13 mark, for example).

UFO that appears at the 0:06 mark. (Credit: Musicuervo)
UFO at the 4:13 mark. (Credit: Musicuervo)
UFO at the 1:21 mark. (Credit: mjsl2007)

Although it is the UFO seen at the 1:21 mark that has garnered the most attention, people who have watched the video are curious about all of these unidentified aerial objects. Some believe the UFOs are simply birds or bugs, which would explain their rapid speed. Others believe the fast-moving object is a cable-suspended camera system known as a skycam, which is used by production companies at sporting events to capture aerial shots of the action on the field or in the stands. Fox Sports reportedly operates a Skycam during these football matches. Likewise, some believe the UFOs are drone-mounted cameras used for production purposes.

A skycam. (Credit: Despeaux/Wikimedia Commons)

Another possibility is that the video is actually time-lapsed, which would mean the UFO was actually flying slower that it appears in the video, making it more likely that the object was something ordinary like an airplane. Time-lapse photography is common at sporting events, and there are multiple airports in close proximity to the stadium. But this possibility is unlikely in this case, based on the seemingly normal speed of players and spectators in the video and the seemingly normal speed of the video’s audio track. It is worth mentioning, however, that, at the 1:45 mark in the video, the audio track fades out, then fades in again, indicating that the video’s audio has been edited. This raises the question as to what else in the video may have been edited.

Nothing suggests that all the UFOs in this video are related. One or two instances could be a bug or a bird, while the other instance could be a skycam or some other object. But, as of now, these objects remain unidentified.

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