Super Bowl advertisers call on extraterrestrials

The extraterrestrials in Chevy's Volt commercial. (Credit: Chevrolet)
It’s the time of year again when that major television event known as the Super Bowl takes place.

This American football championship game has historically been the most-watched program on American television. In fact, the 2011 Super Bowl had the largest audience ever for a U.S. television broadcast at 111 million viewers. This year’s big game could repeat last year’s record-breaking viewership. But something else from the 2011 Super Bowl that will certainly be repeated this year is the appearance of extraterrestrial-themed advertisements.

The ET theme was dominant in commercials that aired during the 2011 Super Bowl. Several extraterrestrial-themed movies were advertised during the broadcast, and multiple car companies featured extraterrestrial characters in their ads. Last year, Chevrolet used a character from Transformers: Dark of the Moon in one of their commercials. The company is going with an even stronger extraterrestrial theme this year. Motor Authority reports that “Chevy has enlisted the little-green-men-brigade to sell Volt sedans and Silverado pickups during this year’s big game.” The commercial for the Volt is filled with little extraterrestrial characters and UFOs.

I have a feeling that the extraterrestrial theme will be popping up in several other commercials too.

The Super Bowl takes place Sunday, February 5 at 6:30 PM ET on NBC.

Watch Chevrolet’s Volt commercial below:

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