Strange blue UFO video over Singapore

Open Minds was sent a video of strange blue lights over Singapore. The witness says they watched the object for an hour before it disappeared.

Yesterday we brought you a story about a blue UFO video in the Netherlands. Today’s blue UFO story is from another part of the world. The video was uploaded by a man named Vince on April 8, 2011, although he just sent us the link via our website today. He says the video was taken somewhere on the east coast of Singapore from a balcony on the 25th floor.

Vince used a 12X optical zoom camera, and apparently still has not figured out what he captured on video that day. In the description he writes:

Hovering over east coast beach, dad spotted it first, I took the video from my balcony with a 12 time optical zoom camera, btw i live on the 25th floor of my building. I have no idea what it is, is hovered for an hour + and then vanished. Ufo??

Some people have commented that they think the object is a kite. Putting led lights that give elaborate light shows on kites has been popular lately. You can see some of these kites in the video below of a kite festival in Bristol.

Others have said that the UFO is too high in the sky and too large to be a kite. However, the witness does say the object hovered there for a long period before disappearing. That could make it a blimp. The lights do seem to be angled down towards the ground, much like the blimp in this video.

This would also explain the object disappearing, because simply turning off the blimp’s lights would make the lights vanish.

It has been three years since the sighting and Vince seems to be as baffled as he was back then. Let us know what you think, or better yet, send us to a link to a similar video.

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