Scientists will discuss UFOs and alien contact at UFO Congress

It is a common misperception that scientists are not interested in UFOs or claims of alien contact. Scientists have actually been leading proponents of research into these areas, and three will be presenting their findings later this month at the International UFO Congress, the Guinness World Record holding largest UFO convention.

The three scientists include a former nuclear physicist, a neurologist, and a professor from Østfold University College in Norway where they have been investigating strange lights that have been occurring regularly for decades. Each of these men have been left with the conclusion that there is much more of a mystery to these phenomena than the greater scientific community is aware of.

Stanton Friedman (Credit: Beste)

Stanton Friedman began his career as a nuclear physicist, and later became one of the most recognized proponents to the UFO phenomenon. He is credited with being responsible for the massive popularity of the alleged Roswell UFO crash. He was the first to seriously investigate it in the late 70s after interviewing the first Army intelligence officer to look at the crash debris. The, then retired, intelligence officer told Freidman it was no balloon they found in the desert in 1947, as the official Air Force story claims. That lead Friedman to interviewing dozens of additional witnesses who told a similar story. This all eventually culminated into several books published in the 80s and the rise of the Roswell incident’s fame. Now it is a household name.

Friedman will be discussing how Astronomers view the UFO phenomenon, arguing that many of the so-called skeptics, ” have done their research by proclamation rather than investigation.” He will be presenting his lecture on Wednesday, February 15, 2017.

Dr. Bob Davis (Credit: Dr. Bob Davis)

The neuroscientist, Dr. Bob Davis, will be tackling a much more controversial topic, alien abduction. Davis is a former professor at the State University of New York, where he taught for over 30 years. He is internationally recognized in his field. Intrigued by the large number of claims by people saying they have had alien encounters, he was compelled to conduct a research study. His study included over 2300 individuals who, according to Davis, claimed to have “consciously recalled contact experiences with a Non-Human Intelligent Being (NHIB).”

His findings have lead him to believe that there really is something mysterious, and important, taking place. He will share the results of his studies, and his thoughts on the outcome, on Thursday, February 16, 2017.

Friedman and Davis have done their work independent of an official university backed study. However, Erling Strand from Østfold University College in Norway has the unique position of being in charge of a project that investigates UFOs as part of his school’s studies. Strand is the project manager of Project Hessdalen, an investigation into strange lights that have been seen in Norway’s Hessdalen Valley for decades. The phenomenon has been caught on camera by researchers from many different countries. However, the phenomenon remains unsolved.

Hessdalen Lights phenomenon. (Credit: Hessdalen Project)
Erling Strand (Credit: Erling Strand)

Strand will be sharing his findings, showing pictures and video of the lights, and the details of a student science camp that is held in the valley to research the phenomenon. He says, although some suspect the lights to be some sort of natural occurrence, there is not enough evidence to come to that conclusion, and, shockingly, he has not ruled out the possibility of some sort of non-human intelligence at work. Strand will present on the Hessdalen Lights on Saturday, February 18, 2017.

About the International UFO Congress

The International UFO Congress is presented by, an Arizona based organization dedicated to the dissemination of information related to UFOs and the search for extraterrestrial life. The conference was established in 1991 and is held annually. The event holds the Guinness World Record for the largest UFO conference in the world. It features presentations by scientists, academics, authors, researchers, experts, and those who have experienced paranormal or anomalous phenomena from all over the world. The event has over 20 Speakers, a Film Festival, and scores of vendors. Topics generally covered are UFO sightings, alien abduction, UFO crashes, crop circles, paranormal experiences, governmental UFO secrecy and more.

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