Sammy Hagar describes E.T. encounter to Dr. Drew

Rock star Sammy Hagar continues to make headlines because of his extraterrestrial encounter claims. He was a guest on the HLN premiere of the Dr. Drew show last night where he discussed his life of rock and roll. He also discussed his extraterrestrial encounter.

As he has previously stated, Hagar told the show’s host, Dr. Drew Pinsky, “Call me crazy all you want. Anyone who says there’s no one in this whole universe, we’re the only ones? That’s crazy.”

Hagar described to Pinsky the details of his alien encounter, which occurred when he was in a dream-like state. In this dream, extraterrestrial entities communicated telepathically with Hagar. And as he has described before, Hagar explained to Pinsky, “I think it was a download/upload situation, like an experimental thing . . . like I was the guinea pig.”

Watch the part of the interview where Hagar discusses his encounter below:

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