Richard Dolan – A.D. After Disclosure

Many researchers have described the UFO reality and cover-up, while others still have pressed for responsible government officials to disclose the truth. Richard Dolan goes beyond this, to the study of what the world will actually be like when the UFO cover-up ends. Dolan will discuss how deep the structure of secrecy has pervaded our society, what factors are most likely to trigger the end of secrecy, and how severe the societal repercussions will be.

Richard Dolan is an acclaimed UFO historian, author of the definitive multi-volume UFOs and the National Security State, and A.D. After Disclosure, co-written with Bryce Zabel. Dolan has spoken about UFOs for audiences around the world. He has appeared on many specials for The History Channel, SyFy Channel, BBC, and elsewhere. In 2006, he was host for the TV series SciFi Investigates.

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