Retired air force lieutenant colonel talks about investigating and debunking UFO sightings

Retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Dick French. (Credit: Open Minds)

It seems that more and more retired military officials or ex government workers are coming forward to share their testimonies on secret government projects in which they were involved. A story made national headlines recently, when a 35 year CIA Veteran named Chase Brandon came forward and stated to Lee Speigel of the Huffington Post that he viewed CIA held documents confirming the Roswell Incident was of extraterrestrial origin.

Recently at the International UFO Congress, an ex-fighter pilot approached Open Minds Antonio Huneeus and asked to share his story. Retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Dick French’s 27 years of military experience has taken him around the world. He’s flown fighter jets in Vietnam and Korea, operated in military intelligence, and been exposed to some of our nations biggest secrets. His career started in the AFOSI (Air Force Office of Special Investigations) where he would conduct stakeouts to remove personnel who were breaking the military’s code of conduct. French then moved on to pilot training school and later was put in the 6004’s Air Intelligence Security Squadron where it was his duty to investigate any reported UFO sighting. He would collect any photographic evidence, question witnesses on the size and shape of the object, its estimated capability, and any other occurrences that surround the sighting. In the end though, French claims that his superiors told him to debunk these sightings however he could. This position also allowed him to travel to many interesting UFO hot spots while meeting high-ranking officials; he even claims to have met Colonel Philip Corso.

While we’re still investigating French’s background, we do know that he was in the AFOSI, and part of his duties were to debunk UFO sightings and occurrences. Just how much of French’s story can be confirmed is still being decided on, but Open Minds will continue to investigate his story and this fascinating person.

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