Report on US Navy UFO encounter leaked

In 2004 the USS Nimitz Carrier Strike Group (CSP) tracked UFOs on more than one occasion spanning several days off the coast of San Diego. It turns out an investigation of this event was conducted by a secret group within the Pentagon investigating UFOs. The existence of this UFO project made worldwide headlines after a New York Times published an article on the subject in December of last year.

Although the article mentioned this case and included video of one of the UFOs from the infrared camera of a jet fighter, the government shared very little official information beyond the video. Luis Elizondo, the former head of the UFO program and David Fravor, one of the fighter pilots involved with the incident have come forward in media interviews. However, no documents have been released. Recently, Las Vegas’ 8 News Now’s I-Team shared a leaked report they obtained from the incident, and the encounter was shocking. You can read more about this document in my recent article on Den of Geek: U.S. Navy Had a UFO Encounter According to Leaked Military Report.

You can also view recently released interviews with David Fravor by filmmaker Jeremy Corbell and a new interview with Luis Elizondo from Las Vegas 8 New Now below.


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