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"Project Aquarius" - the U.S. government's alleged secret project to research extraterrestrial biological entities and their presence on the earth - as told by the highly controversial whistle-blower, Dr. Dan Burisch.

Project Aquarius: Exclusive interview and illustrations of Area 51’s S-4 facility

*** UPDATE: This article was removed shortly after it was originally published to make minor changes to the “Project Aquarius” document, so it would better reflect the descriptions from Dan Burisch. The adjustments have been made, and access to the document has been restored. ***


Open Minds recently documented, in great detail, “Project Aquarius” – the U.S. government’s alleged secret project to research extraterrestrial biological entities and their presence on the earth – as told by the highly controversial whistle-blower, Dr. Dan Burisch.

Dan Burisch

Dan Burisch

Dr. Burisch was interviewed extensively by Open Minds researcher Michael Schratt on the minute details of Burisch’s claimed interactions with an extraterrestrial named “J-Rod,” who was housed in a secret underground base at Area 51 referred to as S4. Schratt’s full report is now available below.

Area 51 is located in the Nellis Air Force Base military operations area and has long been suspected as a facility used to store extraterrestrial craft and debris retrieved by the U.S. Air Force. Area S4 is reportedly housed under nearby Papoose Mountain. Using Burisch’s descriptions, Open Minds has created a never-before-seen fully illustrated reconstruction of the multi-layered base, including each level’s complete contents.

Some of the projects Burisch describes in the report are “Project Looking Glass,” the U.S. government’s investigation into the feasibility of determining probable future events. Also, covered is the ancient Sumerian connection to man-made stargates operated at Area S4 and their connection to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The article provides Burisch’s explanations to the following perplexing questions: Who are the extraterrestrials? Where do they come from? Why are they here? And Burisch’s detailed accounts as to how J-Rod and its associated craft eventually ended up at Area S4.

Please note that Dr. Dan Burisch is also known as Dan Crain and both names are used in the document, but refer to the same individual.

View the document in its entirety for FREE here: Project Aquarius – File size: 20 MB, it may take some time to download with slower connections.

*To download: right click and choose “save link as…”

*The document is in the Adobe PDF format. You will need the free PDF reader to view the document. You can download the latest viewer for free here: Adobe PDF Reader.

STARGATE-LOGOSome images/illustrations in the document were created by Mark McCandlish and provided by Stargate Productions.

About Michael Schratt

Michael Schratt (military aerospace historian) has lectured across the country on the subject of "Mystery Aircraft", and classified propulsion systems buried deep within the military industrial complex. A recent guest speaker at the “OSHKOSH” AirVenture 2006/2007 event, (the world’s largest air show), Michael has developed a number of contacts who have had first hand experience dealing with classified “black programs”, including former USAF pilots, retired Naval personnel and aerospace engineers who have maintained a TOP SECRET Q “MAJIC” clearance. A private pilot and military aerospace historian, he currently works as an aerospace draftsman/researcher near Tempe AZ.


  1. A few questions:

    Why would the government delete the educational records of people they then allowed to leak highly classified material?

    Also, wouldn’t a lot if this project history and background information have been compartmentalized such that very few people working in the facility would be able to say much about parts they had no contact with?

    How could these two people have been exposed to so much of the bigger picture of
    what was going on there (multiple projects, detailed project histories), that would presumably to be TS/SCI at minimum and, apparently, a waived USAP or something far, far more secret?

  2. It appears from reading the “project” paper that Mufon has been conned by a great BS artist. When did the alleged “doctor” graduate? Who were his associates in
    college? Who were his fellow students in the doctoral
    program? Do they even know him? Did he graduate with
    a Ph.D.? The government can erase records but it cannot
    erase the memories of variou fellow students. I truly
    doubt the authenticity of this person.

  3. “the highly controversial whistle-blower, Dr. Dan Burisch”

    Controversial, to be sure.

    Some believe him to be a con artist. Some don’t doubt his authenticity, but believe him to be a purveyor of disinformation.

    My Story

    After returning to AZ in 2007 my “experiences” suddenly took a sinister turn. And I needed help!

    I dreamt of Dan before I’d ever heard of him. I have a bench outside which was a gift from my daughter and her husband.

    In my dream, Dan was sitting on the bench and I kind of fell into his chest like a child would a parent.

    Because I was such a mess.

    So when I saw an image of Dan, I knew I had to find out more about him.

    And I met him through Marcia. And I am thankful.

    I have learned the hard way not to ignore my dreams.

    So unless I’m in the habit of dreaming of con men before I meet them, which I am not, for me Dan is the real deal.

    Besides, Dan’s testimony corresponds with others who have come forth and shared their experiences.

    For what it’s worth.

  4. Dan Who? Oh you mean Dan Catselas? Or Dan Crain? The parole officer “Dan’s the man” guy?

  5. The fact that if this is all a con, he has gone to a lot of trouble to make this look real. What gain in all this then? Even to spread dis information (i.e. The Avairy((Spelling?) is to take half truths with false information. They are not denying E.T. exists at all. Anyone who has an open mind KNOWS they we are not alone. Keep in mind that his friends in school maybe don’t want to come forward due to ridicule or even be a part of all this. They don’t want to be associated to it. So deny, deny deny. Now if anyone who has followed Dan’s story and/or have bothered to read the article, that he moved through the projects because he was being groomed for that position for a long time. Also like the few who have walked on the moon, even fewer have had direct contact with the E.T.

    To understand how dis-information works and it is implemented, you still have to keep an open mind. I truly believe that they can not keep this a secret forever. Something has to give. People can say whatever they want about it but the only one truth that will make it, is that a global contact with E.T. and to know they exist… For real! Thay is all the proof I need.

  6. The answer to the first comment here is ‘plausable deniability’
    Mainly to protect Majestci in case Dan said more than he was supposed to.
    This story basically takes on where Bob Lazar left off.
    Alot of people, especially the religious, will find it hard to accept that we are an engineered race – by the Zetas no less.
    Homo Erectus crossed with ET makes ‘us’. I find this quite apparent, especially as it is quite apparent when you look around and see who did not get the ET genes!
    I have no problem believing this story however, by Dans own admission he has had his own mind and memories screwed around with by majestic.
    Even if it is not true, it’s a nice bit of entertainment. I’m not religous so have no problem with this story either way.
    However, the thing that keeps cropping up with ET is that we need to develop spiritually- as in like the Yogis etc… not the bible bashers as such- You all should know the difference by now.
    That we as bodies on earth in the physical are merely ‘containers’ for the soul. Now that once learned opens up all the astral travel and all the so called paranormal and psychic stuff that any advanced ‘person’ already knows as normal everyday stuff.
    So BS or not, it’s still a nudge in the right direction if you get the point.

  7. Story just impossible, sorry. Too big to be true.

  8. My husband is Will Uhouse the only son of Bill Uhouse who ‘back engineered’ one of the first retrieved flying disks. Dan Burisch is the real deal in my book as well. His information has been corroborated with Bill Uhouse (RIP)and others. Anyone insisting on a stupid piece of paper (his PHD)as a means in which to validate his story is simply ignorant. Anything in a computer OR on paper anywhere can be easily done away with. Just talk to him about microbiology and it is obvious that he knows what he’s talking about. As to John Casey’s comment above, “Why would the government delete the educational records of people they then allowed to leak highly classified material?” Bill Uhouse’s entire record has been REDACTED for personal privacy. That means it says a name and nothing else. No service date of entry or exit, no mention of the work he did… NOTHING. We have 5 pages of nothing. This is basically the same matter, Why would this effort be taken for a ‘complete and total liar’? Bill Uhouse was, and still is, called a liar and misinformation specialist and he has received the same treatment as Dan is receiving, yet he is now deceased. So even in death the ‘Boys’ keep the sheeple in check with their misleading and cryptic actions. It’s a matter of trying to understand about Alice and that hurried white rabbit, and than there’s the ‘Looking Glass’ too…

  9. I thought this place was for open minds. Guess not. If you think it’s too big to be real, you got no idea how big the coverup is. Think about it. This is just one place out of how many the gov wants to keep secret. 73 pages isn’t enough. I want to know more.

  10. I have noticed that the people who try to debunk something this incredible are the first ones to pounce and say is isn’t true. When Dan had stated his facts in this document clearly and with super detail, the debunkers always look over the evidence and still ask questions when they have been clearly answered. My question to you is if you don’t believe in this subject, then why do you come to sites like this? If you don’t believe or even think that “it’s possible”, then why do you waste your time?

    Sites like this, hence the name “Open Minds”, are for people whom believe or are skeptics trying to get a clearer picture. It is ok to be skeptical, but still to have an open mimd.

    I think the ultimate message that people like Dan and Marci are spreading a message more important than just to expose E.T. and the Black Op’s. We are at a critical time in humankind development. We are on the verge of destroying ourselves. There are so many nukes around this world that we can blow this planet up 3 times over. And for what? It’s little boys with big toys. War is big business. In my opinion, this is complete nonsense. More time is spent fighting a pointles war, where we need to look after ourselves and others. There is no reason for starvation. Humakind has to band together. With the attitudes that I am surrounded with, I am very doubtful that we can overcome our differences. Too much selfishness and not enough selflessness.

  11. I am sorry, but the walls that have kept much of this issue secret appear to be crumbling with increasing intensity and too many individual components of his story are echoed by others who have worked in the same general environment. I do not know how the funding for maintaining secrecy around this issue works but in a time of significant economic instability, it would seem to make sense that the finances necessary to support this secrecy may be diminishing thereby rendering the walls to a state of decay.
    Is this the reason several more developed nations are opening their own long-held UFO files to public scrutiny or are other factors driving this?
    Does any reader here have a serious problem thinking that a large republic run the way ours is (capable of creating legal entities which exist and operate outside the limits of the Constitution)could possibly create and maintain something like an Area 51 or that we had the ability to detect any large foreign object of any kind incoming from space, to quickly retrieve all artifacts from a crash of such an object (dead or alive)and to spirit all of it away for decades while publicly denying all of it? I do not have such a problem. In fact, I have personal knowledge of just such a few things as do most of us. If we think hard enough and look hard enough it is not really so difficult at all to find supportive evidence of just such ‘official’ behavior.
    Running a program to detect sensitive information is crazy expensive. Managing the secrets you uncover in the process is also crazy expensive. In the US alone we have 3 million people with some form of security clearance. We have intelligence organizations that accumulate so much data, it takes some of the finest minds to invent ways to dispose of just the data we don’t want.

    With money as tight and as unstable as it is right now, not only can I understand why secrecy on some issues is getting tissue-paper thin, I can also easily understand some faction of the intelligence community saying “Look, this whole ET thing effects every living human being whether we like it or not and try though we might, we are not in sole control of it–ever. At any time something can happen that will make all our efforts pointless and do we really want to deal with the fallout from that? DO we want that on our hands or someone else’s?”

    From my perspective, D. Crain’s (Burisch) disclosure is true and it’s presence in the public arena reflects someone’s desire to reduce (or to avoid altogether) the temperature of a very hot potato.

  12. I am sure fragments of this story are quite true however the whole document reads very strangely. I don’t know if it’s just the result of an inexperienced writer, someone trying too hard or what exactly but the document is both highly detailed and super vague which leads me to think it’s a work of fiction that is informed by some very real facts.

    Disinformation? Maybe more “limited information”

    Here’s a time travel paradox. Towards the end of the document it says that mankind was able to avert a disaster that would eventually lead to the development of two “alien” species directly descended from present day humans.

    If this is true, how could representatives of those same alien species exist in our space/time? Shouldn’t they have disappeared once the circumstances of their genetic beginnings were aborted?

    Put another way, if a fetus is removed and not allowed to reach maturity and birth, how can an adult exist that one day comes back to visit his or her parents?

  13. One more thing….the watermarks make viewing the illustrations and reading the document unnecessarily hard.

    Please remove the watermark or make it much smaller and limit it to the footer area.

  14. @John Casey

    1. They deleted Dan background when he and Marci published book about Mars. They were not authorized to do that. For some reason Mars is a forbidden topic in black projects. It may be best to leave it alone and concentrate on other things like preparing for Disclosure and eliminating world hunger.
    2. That is true. But Dan was for a short time MJ9 and Marci held one of the highest position ever held by a woman inside Majestic. Dan is also considered as son by former MJ1, admiral McConnel. Dan Burisch is most important wistleblower ever to come from secret government.
    3. Dan and Marci have Majestic clearances. It is the highest clearance in the world. Next below is Cosmic clearance which you would have if you were in NATO headquarters war room for example.

    Dan Burish testemony is answer to peoples voices wanting truth and Disclosure from Majestic. It is absolutely imperative that all ufo researches accept this extended hand.

    I am just a truth seeking individual that does his research. I am not associated with Dan or Majestic in any way. All I say is to the best of my knowledge.

  15. @Rramjet

    All your questions are valid. On http://www.eaglesdisobey.net there are signed affidavits from several persons confirming Dan Burisch credentials, under penalty of perjury. If someone thinks Dan Burish is not for real, they should challenge that in a legal way. This IS a real deal.

    I am just a truth seeking individual that does his research. I am not associated with Dan or Majestic in any way. All I say is to the best of my knowledge.

  16. I have been interested in Marci for a long time. She strted Eaglesdisobey and wrote the first book. There’s also been some other books but I don’t know how to get a copy. I’ve listened to her and Dan being interviewed on the radio. I think Setyoufree is right about her being about the most high placed woman ever in Majestic.

    That might be why there are a lot of gaps along with the details in the article. Dan and Marci hold high positions in Majestic right now. I saw pictures of them swearing, on a Bible. So there are probably things they can’t talk about. Maybe it’s National Security or it might be something else. But I get the feeling that they are trying to give us everything they can without stepping over any lines. That’s not something that happens every day and we should really appreciate it.

    Does anyone know if they are going to be at Fort McDowell for the IUFOC in February? I would really like to hear them talk. Maybe run into just walking around. I’ve got a million questions I want to ask.

  17. Dan has admitted in interviews that there are things he can not disclose. He was given a green light “To Tell The World”. But within this final assignment, there are boundries that he still can not disclose or lines he can not cross. Also, perhaps things that are no longer relivant anymore, why would we need to know.

    You are so right Corrine. I am for one who is very appreciative in the information that both Dan and Marci have provided. Something is better than nothing at all. This is got to be one of the most interesting times to be living.

  18. Hiding in plain sight. Follow the money and what can this tell us?

    Re: General News Items
    « Reply #362 on Sept 22, 2010, 11:01am »

    “The policy changed because the Chief Operating Officer of Eagles Disobey, Inc., and the Operations’ Director for Nevada TCG Holdings, FRANCES M.G. ORTIZ, changed the policy.”

    Operations’ Director for “Nevada TCG Holdings”? I searched the name in the Golden Thread’s records and didn’t find much about it. Eagles Disobey has always been listed to “Eagles Disobey, Inc.” A member of the Golden Thread told me that Marci McDowell is the legal name holder in Nevada for “TCG Holdings” ie Nevada TCG Holdings.



    Dr. Dan’s affidavit that’s linked on Eagles Disobey shows McConnell (former DNI) as the last head of MJ12 and Dick Cheney as number 2. Right now their website only shows something about a Native American who died. I guess they knew him? But McConnell works for Booz Allen Hamilton.


    “On May 16, 2008, Booz Allen Hamilton announced that it would sell a majority stake in the US government business to The Carlyle Group for $2.54 billion. The transaction was expected to be complete July 31, 2008.”


    “CoreSight’s largest investors William Conway, Daniel D’Aniello and David Rubenstein, the Carlyle Group and Carlyle’s founders, owned 61.8 percent of CoreSite going into the offering; TCG Holdings LLC owned an additional 5.4 percent.”


    I wrote to the Eagles Disobey email address at fmgo_eagles@yahoo.com for information about TCG, no reply yet. McDowell has a network of sites and they all EXCEPT Eagles Disobey say:

    Copyright (c) 2010 – M. McDowell, Ph.D. and Dan Burisch, Sc.D., Eagles Disobey, Inc./Nevada TCG Holdings | Eagles Disobey is a Registered Trademark. No photograph, audio or video representation of Dr. Burisch or Dr. McDowell may be used without express written permission. All materials contained on this website are copyright protected. All Rights Reserved.

    The Clark County Clerk in the State of Nevada releases that Nevada TCG Holdings comes back to Marcia Crain:

    (link removed by source)

    Instrument Number: 20100225100031490
    Business Mailing Address:
    P.O. Box 93362, Las Vegas, Nevada 89193
    Business Name: NEVADA TCG HOLDINGS
    Owner Name: CRAIN MARCIA ANN

    Nevada TCG Holdings goes back to the same P.O. Box as Eagles Disobey, Inc., and Crain is McDowell’s married name.

    Can someone reach “Mrs.Crain” for comment?

  19. @Corrine Fletcher

    Dan and Marci will be there. They will not give presentation but only be available for Q&A session. Your best chance of talking a bit with them is to join ISIS BETA TESTING. http://the-goldenthread.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=61&page=25

    @Stunisha C. Interesting work. Marci did talk something about making business together with some former Majestic members. It would be interesting to check if some of the board members of TCG are the same as some of the former mebers of the 12. I’ll give it a look 🙂

  20. I forgot to say in my previous post whether or not I am a believer! Very sorry since I hate it when people spew forth their load and cowardly do not state where they themselves stand- To avoid being ‘pulled up’ later by any person or corporation with that typical ‘plausable deniabilty’ BS!
    How spineless! Yes I do believe Dan. And Bill Uhouse. And Bob Lazar. And all the Disclosure Project witnesses and the most recent Press Club witnesses in Washington a few days ago organized by Robert Salas.
    I do NOT believe the so called “Dr Michael Wolfe’ who claimed to be Dans’ equal or better. He was only a psych patient who staed ‘it is better to be a pretend somebody than a real nobody’. That is the only statement of his I believe he said. I do not believe IN the sytaement, only that he said it and that I believe it to be his way of thinking.
    I am not religious in any way, as I have said in my last post- I am not stupid. Those stories do not fly for me. The ones told by the said witnesses do have credibility. As do many so called ‘spiritual truths’. But the ‘our way and our religon is the only true one and everyone else is wrong and goes to hell’ is pure BS and why alot of wars are waged.
    I wwould not normally make a second post except for the caliber of some of the other posts here- or more importantly, WHO they are from. Those who knew and were very close to these people. To them I say thank you and thanks to all those witnesses that have had the guts to enlighten those of us with ears and the brains to hear and listen.
    With the recent loss of one of our greatest men, Wendelle Stevens, those that at least have the guts to stand up and be counted so WE know the facts. They themselves alreday do know and have nothing to prove to themselves or anyone else. They simply tell their stories and say ‘take it or leave it’- And rightly so. Why should they waste their precious time on non- believes!
    When the Jehovas Witness come around to my house I make it clear that I am not interested and do not waste their time or my own on that subject. I am always polite and sometimes we discuss other things! – maybe my garden, the creek and ducks and duckling and things of nature(Gods creations!)
    Excuse my raving, but please accept my gratitude- those of you who are for real and not BS. The BS artists are quite easy to spot.

  21. What makes people ready for disclosure? I used to think i knew. But right now, i’m not sure. Cause if i had the power to decide who gets told, i mean the real power – well its not so easy.

    I think you got it right John H. when you said
    “I have noticed that the people who try to debunk something this incredible are the first ones to pounce and say is isn’t true. When Dan had stated his facts in this document clearly and with super detail, the debunkers always look over the evidence and still ask questions when they have been clearly answered.”

    Why do people, like the first ones posting here in these comments, come right out of the gate ready to attack Dan? It doesnt even look like they read the article. They just wanted to cause damage. Why? UFO truthseekers used to be willing to listen to somebody.

    I used to think people who were all looking for the truth would be the most open minded. I figured they would be smart, and considerate because they saw how the world really was. I thought if anybody was ready for disclusre it would be them. I got involved cause I wanted to be part of something like that. But now, after a couple years of conventions and the internet, it’s got me really wondering if any intelligent race would bother with us.

    Why should they when we come out clawing and tearing apart the people we ask to tell us the truth. People like Dan who had the courage to stand up and tell everybody what he saw. I think its people like Rramjet and Casey and some others who are going to ruin it for the rest of us.

    I think we need to start treating people better – starting with eachother. Right here in Ufology. Would you have the guts to stand up and tell the truth to this group, knowing how Dan’s been treated?

    I’m not relgious either, but there is some common sense in the Bible, you know you gotta pull the beam out of your own eye before you try to pick out the splinter in somebody elses.

  22. Frankly, I do not know Dan Burisch nor do I know any details of his academic history beyond what he has made public. What I di know is that the government is completely capable of “erasing” an individuals past records whenever it is to their advantage.

    Furthermore, I would say that Mr. Burischs’ background is at least as well documented as that of Barrack Obama, of whom supposed former classmates and teachers also have no recollection.

    Take it for what it’s worth…

  23. Good point Tholidor. Tru TV, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura had Mr Schratt on it (Oct 29 2010) saying he did not believe anything ET was going on at Area 51.
    Was he dodging the question because it’s S4 where the ET stuff is/was, or is it that he did all this work on Dan’s story, never believing it for a moment but thought it would be good entertainment fodder?
    Mmmmm. Well it is true that nobody asked about S4 at all, but Mr Shratt really should have corrected this. Maybe he did but it was cut out. It is a mainstream show funded by one of the usual suspects.
    Good TV for the masses but too much glossed over for those of us with more than one brain cell.
    Some clarity on this we matter please Mr Shratt? In your opinion, is Dan for real?

  24. I used to be believe.

    I even paid money to support the cause.

    But then I started to notice some impossibilities in the accounts, and publicly questioned them about it.

    My questions were public for about 9 hours, after which my access as revoked, and all further correspondence ignored. And of course, all I had written had been deleted so nobody else can go back and either confirm my story, or see what I asked questions about.

    This then set me to a few days worth of more intense investigation, and I discovered I had allowed myself to be taken in by con artists.

    Bye bye money. I guess SOME of it went to the homeless.

  25. When people behave badly on the forum that is run by Nodstar*, they get banned. It’s up to her. If you have a beef, take it where it belongs unless of course you know exactly why you got banned, and all that you have left is to try to cry about it.

    If you think you can behave like a decent person, try creating a new account and posting about valuable thoughts and ideas. You’d be surprised how far that gets you among polite people.

    If anybody doubts that Dr Dan and Marci give food to the homeless, check out the website. They have pictures and videos of them, right out on the streets making sure people get food.

    Hey BannedOne, what have you personally done for others lately?

  26. I am really excited to go to Fort McDowell in February and I hope that I’ll be able to meet Michael and talk to him there. He’s was right, and I want to tell him so. I can’t understand why people jumped all over him about what he said to Jessie Ventura. He was right. If you read his article, he told everybody that the project that involved the extraterrestrial stuff, Project Aquarius was over at the S4 part of the base. Area-51 itself doesn’t get involved in that stuff. They work with man-made things, not extraterrestrial. And the project might not even be going on now. Didn’t Dr. Burisch tell everybody in one of his videos that the ET went back home a few years ago? Maybe they are still working on the stuff they have left, but the ET is gone.
    If it was me up there, I know I would have all kinds of stuff saved from the ET, so it could be worked on for years and years.
    Michael was right and all those haters that hang around online just waiting to strike, jumped all over him because he told it like it is.

    Even Yahoo news talked about all the ‘haters’ hanging out online waiting to rag on people. What has gone wrong with everybody?

  27. Corrine, our friend, Jamie, informed me of your post.

    The Eagles look forward to meeting you too. Please call the “Isis-Betatesting” number on the proposed Eagles Disobey table at the IUFOC, next February, or pull the cell phone number off from the Eagles’ website at that time, and give them a ring.

    Drs. Dan and Marci are with Steven and myself in Mesquite, Nevada, this Thanksgiving night, and ALL OF US FROM EAGLES DISOBEY wish to extend a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there.

    Corrine, don’t let the so called “haters” bother you.
    The above, for instance?

    We don’t make membership decisions on the very forum he is accusing us of banning him from, and he’s been advised this several times.

    After knowing just that much, it’s kind of hard to take other questions or statements from him too seriously, huh?

    Frances Ortiz
    COO, Eagles Disobey, Inc., Nevada TCG Holdings
    ADC, DotK / http://www.eaglesdisobey.net

  28. Well, well, well Who’s a hypocrite then says “don’t beleive anyone in UFOLOGY” and then turns to it themselves, You lost Dan and sucked people in with the “WFE” you think you have gained but you have lost sonshine.

    Look who looks like an Ass now Bye Bye!

  29. I am having trouble either downloading or viewing the PDF file,is it still available?

  30. I dont think we will ever learn the truth 🙁
    Ever since i was a child i had the strong belief that we humans are nothing more then an experiment
    living on a big petri dish (no im no flat earther …lol thats another story)

    Again my head is telling me we are actually on the verge of a False Flag alien invasion.
    Once the USA control the gun situation the FIT WILL HIT THE SHAN!!

    Its a shame so much is being kept from us as a race.
    I have watched many videos listening to Dan talk about his experiences.. Yes its very fascinating and totally believable.. do i believe him.. im on the fence tbh.

    I have to ask after working at this place for such a long time and being a “MEMBER” of MJ-12 why is there no photos? where are the documents to accompany his story?
    In order to make the public aware of such, this stuff is a MUST and should be a given! – especially with someone of his intelligence. (The same should also apply to so called world news – dont believe the vision they tell you on the Tel-A-Vision we owe it to ourselves to do our own research regarding global matters step away from mainstream media they are owned and controlled by the same hidden hand)

    I would love to of heard something along the lines of “The base was run on free energy!” but no nothing so far from the videos ive watch.. one would have though this would be the case with all this hidden tech.

    Time will tell – i just hope it wont be too late for us all 🙁

    Love to all my fellow earthlings 🙂

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