MUFON posts UFO photo from Turkey on revamped website

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has launched a new revamped website with a UFO photo of the week. The picture was submitted by a witness in Turkey and taken at an outdoor market.

Turkey UFO, a close-up of the UFO can be seen in the header of this story. (Credit: MUFON)

The witness writes:

I was walking down the market street when i snapped a picture of the people and markets.

I first detected the object in the picture when i was home shuffling trough my pictures.

I first thought it was a lamp hanging. but then i remembered it was no other lamps hanging in the air.

I cant believe my camera caught this! There seems to be no other reaction from the people walking down the market street.

Very odd looking , but very typical saucer shape.

The UFO looks too skinny to be a blimp. It also doesn’t appear to be any other aircraft. Sometimes a bird can look like an elliptical blob due to motion blur as it flies by, and they are often not noticed when the picture is taken, as in this case. However, the resolution of this picture may be too low to be sure. Let us know what you think.

As for the revamp of the MUFON website, it really looks great, and befitting a professional UFO organization. The upgrade was desperately needed, and has been in the work for years. Luckily, it appears to be worth the wait.

Go take a look for yourself. There are tons of links to information that can keep you busy for weeks. The URL is

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