Milan UFO believed to be a biological entity

Antonio Urzi speaking in Mexico in March 2010.
Antonio Urzi speaking in Mexico in March 2010.

A UFO video captured in Milan, Italy on July 6, is making the rounds in the media. It appears to be a group of bright sparkly objects in the sky. The video is titled, “AMAZING! INCREDIBLE EBANI ON MILAN!! | SUNDAY 6 JULY 2014.” EBANI stands for Entidad Biological Anomalous No Identificada, or its English translation, Unidentified Anomalous Biological Entity, indicating that the man who videoed the object believes the UFO is a living being.

The video (seen above) was posted on YouTube on July 10, 2014. The description simply says, “Looking to the 3:53 ‘, recorded with Canon EOS 60D!!!”

The man who recorded the object is no stranger to UFO videos. His name is Antonio Urzi, and is known for having captured hundreds of pictures and videos of UFOs from the skylight in his apartment in Milan. Many of his images appear too good to be true, which causes some to question their veracity. Some have claimed that many of his pictures and video are actually objects he places on his skylight window and films from below making them appear to be UFOs in the sky.

A UFO video sent to by Urzi in April, 2010:

Often, skeptics note that there are rarely other people who claim to see these spectacular objects flying just over the city.

However, there are many others who believe Urzi is the real deal. One of those people is Mexican journalist and UFO researcher Jaime Maussan. In March, 2010, Maussan held the World UFO Summit in Mexico City. One of the speakers was Urzi. Several times, outside of the conference, Urzi pointed up in the sky and claimed to see UFOs. I, along with my colleague Antonio Huneeus, were present with him on a couple of those occasions and saw the objects ourselves.

UFO photo taken over the World Trade Center in Mexico City in March, 2010. The objects were first spotted by Antonio Urzi. (Credit: Paola Harris).

The objects appeared to be small white orbs and sometimes traveled in groups. Waiting outside with a camera to see if I could spot one of these UFOs on my own, I was able to see a few of these objects. I actually caught one or two on video myself.

However, I think what I was seeing was balloons. They sell balloons on practically every street corner in Mexico City and many of them are the shiny silver Mylar type, which would appear like what I got in the video.

During that conference, a few of the Mexican UFO researchers showed videos of what they called EBANI. They explained these were UFOs that were often long and moved strangely. They believed they were actual biological entities. The EBANI researchers admitted some of them look like balloons, but they argued that the UFOs moved in such strange ways that they could not be merely balloons.

Is it possible that Urzi caught a string of balloons glistening in the sky in his latest viral UFO video? Or like some suggest, does Urzi have an uncanny ability to know when extraterrestrials will be flying by or purposely making their presence known? Take a look at this and other videos from Urzi on his YouTube channel and let us know what you think.

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