Micro-sphere photographs from Phoenix, Arizona

The following UFO photos are from the archives of Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens, and the accompanying details have been reproduced as close to the original sighting report as possible.

On about July 11, 1993, Diane Whitney and a friend had gone to a wilderness area east of Phoenix, AZ on a camping and hiking trip. As Diane was walking in the scrub with her camera in hand, she came upon one of the tiny spheres she had seen flying before.

Two of these little spheres had flown alongside her car once as she was driving a country road in the Phoenix vicinity. Another sphere one time came through a wall and into her room. Sometimes these little balls were an opaque silvery-white in color, and sometimes she had seen them flying with a little cloud of vapor or
fog-like substance surrounding them. She had also seen them as clear bubbles of matter with shapes inside.

This time the little sphere was on the ground sitting among some pebbles and rocks. Diane squatted down to get a better look and to snap some pictures with her camera. The little object was semi-transparent this time, with a slight opacity to it. It appeared to have distinct parts inside the translucent ball.

As Diane examined the little ball closer, she could see what looked like two small wires coming out of the sphere and going into the ground. She did not touch it or try to move it, as she had seen one pop and disappear in a flash one time.

As Diane was squatting there looking at the strange little object, two very peculiar men wearing dark sunglasses appeared seemingly out of nowhere and asked her what she was doing. She stood up to answer them and when she locked back, the tiny sphere was gone without a trace.

But she did manage to get three good color photographs of the object from three different angles.

Diane Whitney has taken a number of other color photographs of these strange spherical objects. She has seen them flying at night and they are very brightly radiant with a white to a violet light. She has also seen them radiating a pinkish-orange luminosity. They often look like they are far away but they are really quite
close to within a few hundred feet of her. She has also seen them sitting in the branches of bushes and small trees.

One morning in April 1993 Diane had a strange feeling of a presence, of some kind, very strong. It was early in the morning, about 06:00 AM, and she was in a recreation area near the Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix, Arizona. She became restless and began walking, and walked right toward and up onto one of these tiny spheres sitting on the ground. As she was walking toward the tiny object she thought she heard human voices, indistinguishable — then saw 2 men in white sweat shirts and dark pants. They simply stared at her as she looked at and photographed the sphere.

In May of 1993 Diane saw and photographed one of these tiny spheres again. Once more it was early in the morning, about 6:00 AM, when she felt a presence and became restless. This time she was at a campsite and recreation area called Phon-de-Sutton,north and east of Phoenix, Arizona, and was with a friend. As she walked up to the tiny sphere on the ground, she readied her camera and took a picture of it before
something could happen to make it disappear. Again she saw the two men in white sweat shirts and dark pants, which frightened her some, and as soon as she snapped her pictures he turned and went back to her camp.

She has never seen any other ship or craft in the sky incident to the sightings of these little spheres, and has never seen one take off or land, but she is convinced that these are the objects she sees often and has also photographed in flight as small brilliantly glowing bodies. She feels the same queer sensations in the presence of both the landed ones and the flying ones. She has no idea what these little objects do or what purpose they serve, or even who controls them and uses them. They are simply very strange objects and are like nothing else we see in our every day lives.

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