Medical student photographs saucer-shaped UFOs in Queensland

A medical student at James Cook University photographed multiple saucer-shaped objects in the sky above the Australian city of Townsville, Queensland on Tuesday, November 5.

The Courier Mail reports that witness Joshua Thompson saw small black birds filling the sky while he was driving home at approximately 6 p.m. He took photos of the birds with his iPhone 5, but, when he reviewed the photos later, he noticed something strange in the photos with the birds.

Black birds and strange lights over Townsville. (Credit: Joshua Thompson/YouTube)

Thompson created a video from his photos and uploaded it to YouTube with the following description:

I saw hundreds of thousands of black birds flying towards a river. When I took a photo on my iPhone 5 and looked back at the photo I noticed 2 small saucer shaped objects in the sky and in the next photo a burst of yellow light in the shape of a disk and 6 small lights in the sky. There seems to be a black shadow behind the object and another object in the top of the sky, flying away.

He told the Courier Mail, “The six small lights really weirded me out . . . You can see them really clearly in this ring type of thing.” Thompson also offered his speculation that “the birds may have been some sort of cover for it to get away.”

Thompson took his photos while he was driving, but it is unclear if the photos were taken behind glass or if a window was rolled down. If, in fact, the photos were taken behind one of the car’s windows, reflections by the iPhone camera’s flash or other light sources could potentially explain the odd lights. But Thompson is convinced that he photographed something extraordinary.

In a comment on YouTube, he explains, “I’ve been watching Ancient Aliens and have been convinced aliens have contacted earth for 1000s of years. But never had a real experience . . . I swear this has been uploaded straight from my phone- plus I’ve submitted it to a [reputable] UFO site who said it will be shown as evidence on the site.”

The Courier Mail checked with the Townsville City Council’s parks department, but a spokesperson said he was not aware of any recent reports of unusual aerial activity.

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