Latest fireball UFO spotted in Georgia

A fireball UFO was caught on video as it blazed through the the sky above the state of Georgia last week—just one week after a similar object was seen above Cuernavaca, Mexico. The Epoch Times reports, “This object looks very similar to the Mexico fireball seen on June 29, and another one like this was seen on the same day in Greece, according to the UK’s Daily Telegraph.”

The Epoch Times describes that, from the Georgia video, it appears “an object that looks like a meteorite with two fiery tails is dropping through the atmosphere.”

These mysterious fireball UFOs continue to be witnessed around the world.

Czech Republic fireball UFO (courtesy of K. Rasin)
Czech Republic ufologist Karel Rasin investigated a similar object in the past. And while several hypotheses were put forward, the information gathered led researchers to believe the object was a Learjet 60 plane with an illuminated contrail giving the object its fiery appearance.

As for the two most recent fireball UFOs in Mexico and Georgia, they too could prove to simply be planes creating optical illusions with their sun-reflecting contrails. But they could also be something else entirely. The objects remain unidentified.

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