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Jaime Maussan – Imminent Contact

A well-established and widely known TV personality in Mexico, Jaime Maussan has become world famous for the incredible quantity and spectacular quality of the UFO videos that he continuously presents to the global UFO community. The modern Mexican UFO wave, along with Jaime’s involvement in this field, began in July 1991 during a total solar eclipse, when thousands of Mexican citizens reported and filmed UFOs. This was the event that made the UFO phenomenon a reality to Jaime. Through his Tercer Milenio TV program, Jaime continues to report on UFOs on a regular basis and is one of the hardest-working investigators and reporters in the field.

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  1. I have a photo my coworker gave me of what he says to me a demon peeking through a door. I like Jaime’s research and was wondering if he could have it authentic for me? Please. Its real and interesting. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  2. Tengo una foto en Las Vegas que tome hoy dia 2/26/2019 de unas numers enforma de platillos o naves espasiales

  3. My problem with this guy is just how obviously gullible and naive he is. He seemingly believes any obvious hoax he cones across and won’t listen to reason when things are easily faked. A small core of things he’s come up with or I should say come to especially back in the 90s was impressive but these days it’s just laughable. I do admire to an extent his optimism despite the fact he is often severely misguided.

  4. Estimado Sr. Maussan,

    Acabo de ver “Volcanic UFP Mysteries” en Amazon Prime. Muy interesante. El único problema de la información que ofrecen es que están interpretando los datos como seres humanos en 3 dimensiones. Acuérdese que Einstein estableció que hay muchas mas dimensiones en el universo. Una bomba atómica abre las puertas a otras dimensiones. Esos mismos niveles de energía están contenidos en un volcán. Así que cuando ven un ovni atravesar un volcán, es porque utilizan esa energía para atravesar dimensiones.

    Sugiero que ahora tome este pedazo de información y lo use con la de los volcanes para descubrir mas sobre lo que ocurre trans-dimensionalmente. Posiblemente gente en la UNAM puede ayudarle.

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