Houston UFO twitter video

A Houston resident tweeted a video of mysterious lights over Houston, and local media has taken an interest. Many are wondering if it depicts a UFO.

The video was tweeted on November 9, 2015 at 8:33 PM by tweeter Raddd with the twitter handle of @Im_Raddd. He wrote: “houston we got a problem…y’all look closely”

A couple days after posting the video local media began tweeting Raddd asking for an interview. They wrote the story up and now the tweet has thousands of retweets and favorites, and many people are sharing their opinion on the lights.

The video shows lights appear in the sky above a railroad bridge that has the words “Be Someone” painted onto it.

Some have speculated it is actually an airplane, streetlights, or, of course, a UFO. In fact, the story in the Houston Chronicle is titled, “UFO in Houston? Mysterious light spotted in Houston sky over ‘Be Someone’ sign.’

Closeup on the lights, enlarged and modified. (CreditL Raddd/Twitter)

Raddd told the Houston Chronicle that he did not notice the lights when he took the video, but did notice them a few hours later when he review it.

One suggestion was that the lights are actually a reflection of something in the vehicle. This could be possible. When the light move across the sky, it appears they move in front of a nearby tree. That would mean the object was very close or was a reflection of something inside the car. Many commenters believe the reflection is of the speedometer.

Image of the lights appearing to move in front of the tree. (Credit: Radd)
Image of the object after moving just past the tree. In this image it also appears the lights moved over the tree. (Credit: Raddd)

Take a look and let us know what you think.

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