Google plans for alien attack

Internet giant Google wants to be prepared for any disaster that could possibly materialize, including an extraterrestrial invasion.

Does Google know something the rest of us don’t? Probably not.

Google crop circle logo from 2009 (credit: Google)
According to The Next Web, Eran Feigenbaum, Google’s Enterprise director of security, recently revealed that the company’s emergency preparedness plan tries to include a wide variety of disaster scenarios. In an interview with Computerworld, Feigenbaum stated, “We play a lot of games here. Part of our disaster recovery plan is to assume the worst has happened. In last year’s scenario, Google was attacked by aliens and California was off the map. We asked: What do we do? How do we run our infrastructure?”

The inclusion of an alien attack in Google’s disaster planning isn’t too shocking, as the topic is quite trendy at the moment. A large number of recent movies, television shows, and even scientific research articles explore hostile extraterrestrial invasions.

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