Girl records video of daylight UFO in Ohio

A 12-year-old girl recorded video of a UFO above her home in Penfield, Ohio (approximately 40 miles southwest of Cleveland) on Thursday, March 22.

The aerial object appeared during the day, and when the girl noticed the UFO, she recorded a 43-second video of it hovering in the sky. The object appears to be long and silver, and looks almost metallic when reflecting the sun’s rays. This UFO has a very shark-like appearance, making it a very peculiar flying object. According to the local ABC affiliate, local police could not identify the UFO, so they contacted Homeland Security for assistance with identifying the object.

There is a possibility that this object was simply a toy or a balloon based on its shark-like appearance. Shark-shaped remote-controlled airplanes and balloons are sold by a few toy manufacturers. An RC plane can be ruled out, based on the floating behavior of the object in the girl’s video. The balloon, however, is a likely identification.

The William Mark Corporation sells a product called Air Swimmers–remote-controlled, helium-filled balloons. A flying shark is one of the available models. And while the manufacturer clearly states the product is only for indoor use, the video below demonstrates that not everyone follows directions from the manufacturer.

Coincidentally, the same company apparently used to make a product called “My Mysterious UFO.”

There has been no official identification of the shark-shaped Ohio UFO. But a shark balloon that got away from its owner is a plausible explanation.

What do you think? Does the object in the video look like a shark-shaped balloon to you, or do you think it is something else? Share your thoughts with us on the Open Minds Facebook page.

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