French-built UFO home for sale

The classic dome-shaped UFO was the inspiration for the French kit company Domespace producing homes that look like UFOs.

The UFO home includes 2,300 square feet and two levels. (Credit:

Of the 200 Domespaces built worldwide one in New Paltz, NY, is for sale.

Sitting on 28.3 acres of forest land is a 2,300-square-foot prefab home built in this UFO style in 1999. The place can be yours for $950,000. That’s a mere $413 per square foot.

And while we all know UFOs are on the move, the home isn’t sitting still either. The eco-friendly home designed to be nature friendly, actually rotates 360-degrees with the touch of a single remote control button. By rotating the house, you can take advantage of the sun’s location or just for the change of scenery.

The interior features an open floor plan with a gourmet kitchen. (Credit:

The interior features a wall-free environment with an open kitchen, dining and living room area. The two level home also includes a spiral staircase leading up to a library, office, guest bedroom and bathroom.

There are two bedrooms on the main level and a guest room on the second level. (Credit:

The home was previously on the market in 2012 for $1.2 million and is currently used as a bed-and-breakfast.

The UFO home sits on 28.3 acres of land and the home moves 360 degrees at the touch of a remote controlled button. (Credit:

Could you live in a UFO? Check out the listing at

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