The Enrique Castillo-Rincon alien contact case

The following case from South America in the 1960s and 1970s presents one of the most well documented and captivating alleged extraterrestrial contact experiences to date.

The first contact with the unknown

Enrique Castillo-Rincon (Credit: Blue Dolphin Publishing) Enrique Castillo-Rincon (Credit: Blue Dolphin Publishing)

In June 1963, Enrique Castillo, a thirty year old man, was working for the power utility company in Costa Rica to build an observation outpost near the top of the Irazu volcano. One day, along with two colleagues, he saw two circle-shaped orange objects in the sky with a diameter of about one hundred and twenty feet that were flying at eight hundred feet over the crater. As he wrote in his book OVNI: Gran Alborada Humana (UFO: A Great New Human Dawn), one of the two objects was falling out of the sky in a “falling leaf” movement (many UFOs are reported to fly as if they were leaves falling from a tree) and changed its color to a leaden hue. Castillo and his colleagues began feeling a terrible itch throughout their bodies. Suddenly, some sort of periscope came out of the UFO’s dome. On its top there was a hammer-shaped object that rotated rapidly and emitted a purple light. After a few minutes, the periscope was drawn back and the aircraft disappeared at high speed.

The three witnesses, despite being puzzled, were totally aware of the fate that awaits those who tell stories which seemingly belong to the twilight zone; that’s why, at first, they decided not to reveal anything. In the next few hours, however, they suffered from strong dizziness and vomiting. Therefore, for fear of having been exposed to radiation, they went to a hospital in San Jose. However, no radiation was detected.

Irazu Volcano (Credit: Rafael Golan/CC3.0)
Irazu Volcano (Credit: Rafael Golan/CC3.0)

Disturbing phenomena

If the Castillo affair were over at this point, it would be nothing but an interesting sighting of an unidentified flying object whose proximity produced tangible physical effects.

On the contrary, the case is much more complex and multifaceted.

One night, two months after the sighting, Castillo heard a strange noise echoing in his head. Soon, he realized that he had heard the weird sound before, the day he and his colleagues saw the two flying saucers. Moreover, this time the noise was heard not only by Castillo, but also by his wife, Beatriz.

After these events, Castillo’s interest in UFO matters increased exponentially and he founded a group which studied UFO-related phenomena. In 1968, he moved to Brasilia for work. Five years had passed after the first sighting and the weird events seemed to have finally abandoned his life. Then, one day the mysterious made another appearance in Castillo’s everyday life. He was driving from Sao Paulo to Brasilia when a circular orange ball of light started to fly stationary over his car for a long distance, causing a lot of vibration in the chassis, steering problems and radio malfunctions.

This was just the first in a series of odd events. In 1969, the mysterious incidents continued. One Sunday, while Castillo was in line at a cinema to see the film “Barbarella”, a young man introduced himself as Cyril Weiss. He told Castillo that he was a representative of a wholesale distribution company in Switzerland and asked him permission to see the movie along with him. Castillo agreed and after watching the movie accompanied Mr. Weiss to the hotel where he resided. Mr. Weiss invited Castillo to come to the hotel the next day. During this meeting the two talked about several issues, and Mr. Weiss said that he believed the UFO phenomena was just a hoax.

A solid friendship was born and Castillo started to meet Mr. Weiss often. However, Castillo began to notice many oddities in his friend’s behavior. The episode that stunned Castillo most regards a car accident. One day, while driving along with Mr. Weiss, Castillo ran a dog over. A little child witnessed the accident and started to cry because his poor dog had died. Mr. Weiss showed an utter impassiveness, just stating that the boy would soon submit to the inevitability of what had happened. Castillo reported that Mr. Weiss’ look seemed totally indifferent, with no room for empathy.

Castillo started to be puzzled by the Swiss gentleman. He spoke Spanish fluently with no accent, and during another rendezvous, in evident contradiction with what he had told Castillo a few days earlier, said that he was sure that there could be extraterrestrial entities not only on other planets but also in some uninhabited areas on Earth.

One day, Mr. Weiss suddenly announced that he would go abroad for a long time. However, as we shall see, Castillo would meet Mr. Weiss again in the future, in a totally different disguise.


The cover of Rincon's book. (Credit: Blue Dolphin Publishing.)
The cover of Rincon’s book. (Credit: Blue Dolphin Publishing.)

It was 1973, four years had passed since Castillo’s last meeting with Mr. Weiss and everything seemed back to normal. In the meantime, Castillo had moved to Bogota, Colombia. One day, he received a phone call from someone named Karen, a Mexican woman who told him that she had been given his telephone number by some “extraterrestrial masters” who wanted to contact him.

Castillo, just like most rational people, thought it was a facetious joke, but still decided to meet the woman. She turned out to be very persuasive in her assertions and, consequently, Castillo started to attend meetings held by a group of people who claimed to be in contact with aliens from Andromeda (a galaxy at 2.3 million light-years from Earth) who had allegedly conveyed various messages to humans through automatic writing.

In October, 1973, one evening, the members of the UFO group had reached the top of a hill and were waiting for an announced contact with the extraterrestrials. To everybody’s disappointment, no spacecraft appeared on the scene but some members received a telepathic communication by a voice which said that everybody would be contacted at noon the day after.

At that time Castillo was at home, focused and ready to receive a message, despite being highly doubtful because, until then, he had not received anything. Suddenly a voice, loud in his head, called and urged him to write. Castillo began to fill up several pages, while hearing a disturbing noise that reminded him the one he had heard ten years before when he and his colleagues sighted two UFOs. The content of what he transcribed shows strong similarities with the communications received in those years by other contactees (from George Adamski to Howard Menger and Daniel Fry, just to mention the most famous and debated cases). They alluded to a Third World War, future disasters, and the arrival of “space brothers”.

The messages continued over the following days until the end of October, when Castillo was told the date of an upcoming physical contact, set for November 3, although the exact place had not been communicated yet (Castillo declared it would be near a lake). At the same time, Castillo’s oneiric activity  grew exponentially, providing him with other clues about the place where the meeting would occur.

On November 3, the day of the alleged contact, Castillo reached a lake at about 80 kilometres from Bogota and recognised what he had seen in a dream, a ball placed under the roots of a tree in the middle of a clearing. He took it in his hands and it began to emit thin rays of light and, after a few minutes, two flying saucers appeared. They were similar to those Castillo had spotted in Costa Rica ten years before. The two UFOs approached Castillo, producing strong orange rays like a searchlight towards the ground. Two figures in gray uniforms came out of the light, they wore boots and helmets with visors. Meanwhile, a voice in Castillo’s head told him not to worry and suggested that he climb on-board. Despite being a wee bit reluctant, Castillo walked within the range of the searchlight and then he was lifted on board.


He was forced to undress and underwent a microbial decontamination inside an empty hexagonal room. A door suddenly appeared on a wall and two men entered the room. To Castillo’s utmost astonishment, one of the two men turned out to be Cyril Weiss, the mysterious Swiss man he had met four years earlier. The “Swiss” said that his real name was Krishnamerck and accompanied Castillo into another room where there were other beings, all similar to Weiss (the classic “Nordic alien”).

Castillo asked several questions and was always given a reply. The Pleiadians told him that they had a lot of bases on Earth, that the first contact dated back to thousands years before Christ and that they have been actively influencing our technological development. Their spacecrafts could become invisible so as not to frighten humanity which was not ready yet for the revelation of an alien presence. Many Pleiadian emissaries, as communicated to Castillo, were already among the population and aimed to create groups to cooperate with humans.

That was just the first in a series of physical contacts with the Pleiadians which continued until January 1975 into a sort of crescendo. Castillo claimed of having been taken to a base in the Andes where both humans and aliens cooperated together, as well as to a submarine base in the Mariana Trench at about 5,000 metres under the sea. On both occasions, Castillo allegedly met extraterrestrial masters of wisdom who warned him about future disasters and conflicts that would devastate the planet should a “shift in our consciousness” not occur in time.


Pros and Cons

From the outset, one would legitimately think that Castillo invented at most of what he had claimed. In fact, the only undoubted aspect of the whole story is the beginning, the sighting that occurred in 1963 with his colleagues and the subsequent physical ailments. But it would be too easy to dismiss his experiences as mere reveries.

The first consideration is that anybody who wished to invent a story of alien contacts, would not include some elements that, even at first sight, tend to appear totally ridiculous. All the data and information relating to the names of the extraterrestrial beings, the encounter with three meters tall inhabitants of Mercury and Venus (uninhabited planets according to the information available to date), the New Age style messages about nuclear wars and the need to educate a new generation to make it aware of its role, are certainly elements that can make you laugh for their extreme banality and/or presumed nonsense, but it is exactly their banality that should lead us to take into consideration the possibility that Castillo had merely, and honestly, reported what he was told.

Indeed, if you carefully analyse the various details of this case you will be probably inclined to believe that Castillo is not a hoaxer.

First of all, you should keep in mind that Castillo was not the only one who received these sorts of messages. Other members in his group and, most of all, members of groups from all over the world made similar accounts in those years, as if a lot of humans were told the same story by unknown entities.

Secondly, it is pretty evident that the entire story shows striking parallelisms with the Friendship affair, at its peak between 1956 and 1978 in most part of the world, contacts with alien beings with seemingly peaceful intents, which approached small groups of humans and started a collaboration.

Not to mention, the declarations made by Castillo about UFO-crashes, reverse-engineering operations and mind guided spaceships; all details that nowadays are being discussed even on TV but that in the 1970’s were not well known or talked about.


Rincon speaking about his experiences at a UFO conference. (Credit: Exopolitics Institute)
Rincon speaking about his experiences at a UFO conference. (Credit: Exopolitics Institute)

In any case, the big question does not concern the possible authenticity of what Castillo specifically reported but, why? In that period of time there was a plethora of highly homogeneous and similar stories.

None of these contactees have gained economic profit, nor have they convinced the masses of the truth of their experiences. They have never contradicted themselves, nor they have changed their testimonies, despite the general hilarity with which their reports were received, they have not attempted to convert or deceive anybody.

But… what if they were deceived? Who can be sure that that the entities they came into contact with were sincere in regards to their origins, their looks and their true intents?

Just keep in mind that, until seventy years ago, these beings claimed to come from Fairyland, Tir nan Og, Magonia, or Hell. Now the frame of reference has changed, and these entities allegedly come from Mars, Venus, Pleiades, Zeta Reticuli. If they are real, are they telling the truth? Nobody knows.

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Umberto Visani

Umberto Visani was born in Turin, Italy, on June 22, 1983. Since he was a kid he has been fascinated by ufology, Forteana, mysterious archaeology, anthropology, ancient traditions, folklore and cryptozoology. In 2007 he graduated cum laude in jurisprudence at the University of Turin. He cooperates with several specialized magazines: Open Minds, Ufo International, Mistero. In 2009 he became a legal practitioner. In 2012 he published his first book, “Mondo Alieno” (Alien World), followed in 2013 by his first novel, Ubique, a science fiction mystery novel.

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  1. Mr. Visani is a very educated bright man with all the attributes he needs in which to sell his ” ideas” to those of us who do believe what we have seen to be UFO’s from far superior planets. In my opinion, any alien so far ahead of us in technology would understand we think it is music., and maybe just to oblige us. My belief is that a superior mind would not have any reason or interest and would see through this manic idea. Methinks he is attempting fame and money.

  2. As to Mr. Costillo, I believe he experienced theses things but possibly through hypnosis and drugs, was a party to not a hoax, but perhaps abduction could be a part of our research(Area 51) and what better way than to suggest to a person having tests done on him or her, that the team of research staff are aliens. Both are feasible to me because in this universe there is every possibility for there to be superior beings in high tech craft hovering over us . Probably our ancestors and they are visiting their ancient historical past. Our government is not advised as to research so why could went be the ones abducting as well.

  3. Why would any alien race from a very distant place want to call themselves by some earth latin name. Obviously they would use the name of their race in their own language, not “duh, hi, I’m Bozo from the Pleadian Race. This is my cousin Bimbo. He’s an Orion.”

  4. Dear Mr. Enrique Castillo-Rincon!

    I’m interested in watching UFOs and contacting them. I have read a lot and listen to shows that link UFOs to legends and the present. But in our area they are few and unreliable. How can I become a channel for receiving information from acquaintances in the Pleiades or elsewhere ???

    With Best Regards
    Rein Reinkort

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