Drone captures fast-flying UFO over California’s Silicon Valley

A drone flying near California’s Silicon Valley captured video of a UFO shooting across the sky at incredible speed.

It’s unclear when the video was recorded. But the operator of the DJI Inspire 1 drone uploaded the four second UFO video to the video sharing site Vimeo on the night of Thursday, March 5. The drone was reportedly flying at an altitude of 265 feet when the unidentified aerial object whizzed through the sky.

DJI Inspire 1 UFO from darmino on Vimeo.

The DJI Inspire 1 drone is equipped with a 4K camera. And, fortunately, the drone operator uploaded the video in its full 4K quality. But, despite the video’s 4K resolution, little detail is visible because the UFO moves so rapidly.

The DJI Inspire 1 drone. (Credit: DJI)

“Assuming the object isn’t purely CGI, it definitely appears to be going at a fair speed,” says Australian news website News.com.au. “One YouTube user estimated the distance travelled as around one mile every one to two seconds. That would give it a speed of around 2890 km/h, roughly 2.4 times the speed of sound.”

Mysterious Universe points out that, at that speed, the UFO “would have created a sonic boom but no sound was reported to have been made by the UFO.”

After uploading the UFO video, the drone pilot sought help identifying the mysterious object on the DJI website’s forum posting, “I have no idea what this is, maybe a bug, Hummingbird, reflection or Alien space craft! The only thing I know for sure is that I did nothing that would cause this. You can analyze it better if you download the video in 4k and go frame by frame. Any other ideas of what it might be?”

It’s difficult to determine if this object is something small close to the camera, or something large far away from the camera. Some have suggested a bug, a bird, a bullet, a secret military aircraft, or even a new drone courtesy of Google or some other Silicon Valley tech giant.

(Credit: Darmino/YouTube)

The drone pilot seems to be genuinely interested in figuring out what was captured on video. The owner of the video states, “I thought it went behind the trees also but after closer inspection, I have determined that I can’t really tell. I can tell you that it was 265Ft high +or – 3 feet at the time. I’m still leaning toward a Hummingbird or bug.”

If the object was, in fact, traveling at “2.4 times the speed of sound,” that’s one insanely fast hummingbird! These birds average a flight speed of 30 m.p.h.–just a little slower than the estimated 1,800 m.p.h. of the UFO.

What do you think about the UFO in this video? Does it look like a fabrication? Could it be something close to the camera like a bird or a bug? Or did this drone’s camera capture something that could be extraterrestrial?

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