Designer wants to bring crop circles to your bathroom

Crop circle fans may soon be able to enjoy these mysterious formations from the comfort of the bathroom.

A designer recently launched a fundraising campaign on crowdfunding website Kickstarter to raise money so he can create the Crop Circle Towel.

(Credit: Kickstarter/Anatoliy Omelchenko)

CNET‘s Bonnie Burton describes, “Brooklyn, NY-based Anatoliy Omelchenko decided to pay tribute to the extraterrestrial-inspired works of art by displaying the designs on hand towels, bath towels and even beach towels.”

Crop circles have mysteriously appeared in fields around the world for centuries. Although premiere crop circle researcher Colin Andrews concluded after a two-year study that 80% of these crop formations were man-made, 20% were left unresolved.

(Credit: Kickstarter/Anatoliy Omelchenko)

But Omelchenko explains, “Whether the media-hungry farmer or a media-shy extraterrestrial are responsible for these giant works of art, you can own your own mysterious Crop Circle Towel. Unlike the cornfields, the crop circles will not disappear with the season!”

The fundraising campaign runs through March 7. If the goal of $7,000 is reached, these crop circle towels are expected to be ready to ship in May.

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