Dan Aykroyd recounts personal UFO sighting, plugs MUFON

Dan Aykroyd has never been shy about his belief that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth in UFOs. The Hollywood actor has made public comments related to UFOs on several occasions. And he even appears in a 2005 documentary titled Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs. On Thursday, May 22, StarPulse.com published an article containing a video interview with Aykroyd at a Crystal Head Vodka (Aykroyd’s vodka brand) signing event at a liquor store in Attleboro, MA.

Dan Aykroyd
Dan Aykroyd. (Credit: David Angell/YouTube)

Although some may remember this interview from when it was published back in 2011, it contains interesting statements made by Aykroyd that are worth reiterating.

The interviewer, David Angell, reportedly conducted the interview for ABC6 in Providence, Rhode Island. When asked about UFOs, Aykroyd responds, “I refer your viewers right now to the website MUFON.com . . . Mutual UFO Network . . . for everything that’s going on in the area right now of that study.” Having served for several years as the official Hollywood representative of MUFON, Aykroyd routinely recommends the UFO organization to people for current UFO research.

During the interview, he also plugs Captured: The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience, a book by UFO researchers Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden, which tells the story of the most well-publicized alleged alien abduction. Some speculate that Aykroyd is developing a movie about the Betty and Barney Hill story.

Dan Aykroyd. (Credit: Open Minds)

Aykroyd also mentions the Tinley Park UFO sightings in Illinois, researched by Sam Maranto, a UFO investigator and the state director for the Illinois chapter of MUFON. Aykroyd describes,

This is where the big black triangles park over people’s barbecues for about ten minutes and let them take pictures, and then they move on very slowly across the suburbs. Thousands of people saw these in Tinley Park, Illinois over the last two years starting in ’05 to ’07. When you get that many people seeing the same thing, and it’s not Venus, it’s not a helicopter, it’s not a plane, it’s not the crescent moon, it’s not a meteoric bolide, what is it? Well, it’s unknown. Until they come and shake my hand, I really can’t tell you. But it’s entertaining at the very least.

The interviewer also asks Aykroyd about his personal UFO sighting. Aykroyd explains that he observed two UFOs flying wing to wing in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, which he estimated to be flying at 100,000 feet and at an incredible 20,000 miles per hour. He claims that three other witnesses also observed the unknown craft.

Like the interview above, Open Minds interviewed Aykroyd about UFOs in 2011 during a Crystal Head Vodka signing.

Dan Aykroyd remains fascinated by UFOs and other paranormal phenomena. He follows UFO news and stays relatively current with the latest UFO-related research and cases. Many are anxious to see if he is, in fact, working on a film about the well-known Betty and Barney Hill abduction story. But, for now, that is purely speculation.

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