Case Closed: MUFON Investigators close March 2014 UFO cases – Part 1

Was hovering disc UFO observing train crossing lights over Colorado?

The jury remains out on exactly what intelligence is operating UFOs in our skies, but one Colorado witness at Gunbarrel who was stopped at a train gate crossing reports the disc-shaped object hovered above him under 500 feet and then moved on once the train was gone, according to March 1, 2014, testimony in Case 54385.

A Colorado witness at Gunbarrel noticed a hovering disc while waiting at a train stop light and both the witness and the UFO moved on once the trained passed. (Credit: Google)

Colorado Field Investigators Richard Evans and Deborah Evans investigated and closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.

The witness was driving home from a friend’s home in Gunbarrel about midnight on September 8, 2007.

“Got to the train tracks,” the witness stated. “A train was coming and the boom gates came down.”

But then he looked up.

“Looked up while waiting for train to pass as I was sitting in my car. Saw a gray disc object hovering and watched this object for five minutes.”

Once the train passed and the gates rose, the witness continued driving.

“I proceeded to go east on highway 119 to Longmont.”

Looking back, the witness noticed the object was now moving – and going in the opposite direction.

“The possibility that the object was a balloon was carefully discussed, but the close proximity and lack of even the slightest movement rules out a balloon or even tethered balloon,” the field investigators stated in their report.

Michigan man, 78, describes silent ‘saucer-like’ object

A 78-year-old Michigan man recalls a UFO encounter in 1943 “as if it happened yesterday,” according to March 2, 2014, testimony in Case 54412.

The witness was a child outside playing in the dirt behind a cottage about 10 miles outside of Ludington when the object came into view.

“I saw a saucer-like object flying toward me,” the witness stated. “It then stopped over Hamlin Lake and after a second, went back the way it came from the other side of Hamlin Lake and on perhaps in the direction of Lake Michigan.”

The witness described the object.

“It didn’t make any noise and I didn’t see any windows. It just looked like a flying saucer. The speed was relatively slow and it seemed to stop for a moment over about the middle of the lake there and then reverse course going back in the direction it had come as if to say, ‘Oh, I’m going in the wrong direction.'”

The Michigan man, now 78, recalls watching a disc-shaped UFO while playing behind the family’s cottage in 1943. (Credit: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division)

Michigan Field Investigator Marie Cisneros investigated and closed the case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.

“I spoke to the witness by phone and he stated that when a small child he witnessed an object coming towards him at Hamlin Lake. He was at an area called Sunset Bay which at the time was quite desolate with not many people habiting it. He states he was about six or seven at the time and was playing in the dirt with ants on the dirt dead-end road in back of the cottage about 10 miles outside of Ludington, Michigan. This object stopped at about the middle of the lake. He stated that it seemed to go back towards Lake Michigan – back along the same route. He states he was alone and there were no other witnesses. When asked if he could estimate its size, he stated that if a car was round, the object would be about that size. He stated it didn’t make any noise and he could see no discernible ‘windows.’ He states it ‘looked like a flying saucer.’ He feels the speed was relatively slow and it seemed to stop for a moment over about the middle of the lake and then reversed its course, going back in the direction it had come.”

California witness recalls UFO ‘bigger than mountain it came over’

A California witness recalls an encounter with a UFO “bigger than the mountain it came over” along Boca Reservoir near Truckee, according to March 3, 2014, testimony in Case 54423.

The reporting witness and a friend were about to go to sleep in a vehicle for the night while about 20 parents remained outside partying by a campfire when the object was first noticed on the other side of the river from where they were camping. The events occurred on August 10, 1985.

“There were no trees on that side of river,” the reporting witness stated. “It was a bare hill. This object was enormous! Bigger than the mountain it came over.”

Boca Reservoir near Truckee. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The witness described the object.

“It proceeded very slowly over the mountain and directly over our camp. It had triangular-shaped lights all over the bottom as though there were smaller triangular-shaped ships on the bottom. The lights were red, green, and yellow triangular patterns – with white lights around them.”

The object could also be heard.

“It simply made a humming sound and flew right over us. There were pine trees on our side so right after it went over us; we could not see it anymore.”

California Assistant State Director Devlin Rugne investigated. He was unable to communicate with the witness, but stated in his report, “If we are to take this report at face value, I am closing the case out as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle based on its size and that ‘It had triangular shaped lights all over the bottom.’”

Mississippi couple reports low flying triangle UFO

A Mississippi couple driving southbound along Highway 45 between Saltillo and Tupelo report watching a black, triangle-shaped UFO that moved close to them, according to March 4, 2014, testimony in Case 54442.

The couple first noticed “three bright, white lights” that first appeared to be disc-shaped about 10:15 p.m. on February 7, 2014.

The Mississippi couple was southbound along Highway 45 between Saltillo and Tupelo when the triangle-shaped object moved low over the roadway on February 7, 2014. (Credit: Google)

“We slowed down and began to watch it because the lights were so brightly glowing white,” the reporting witness stated. “It was in the distance at this point. It quickly changed direction and altitude.”

Mississippi Field Investigator Timothy Soper closed this case as a hoax. Many pieces of false information were included in the original report.

North Carolina UFO ‘size of storage shed’ moves toward ground

A North Carolina witness driving along Montford Cove Road near Union Mills reported watching a bright object moving toward the ground level that was about the size of “a large sized storage shed” when it reached the tree top level about 8:44 p.m. on March 4, 2014, according to testimony in Case 54460.

The witness was driving home from work and had just passed a church and a convenience store when a light in the sky first appeared to be a star.

The North Carolina witness was driving along this stretch of Montford Cove Road north of Union Mills when an object the ‘size of a large storage shed’ moved toward ground level. (Credit: Google)

“Remembering that it was cloudy, I said to myself, ‘That’s no star,'” the witness stated. “When I first saw it, approximately a mile away, maybe less, it was about the size of a basketball maybe a little larger. As I got closer, it was about the size of like a large sized storage shed.”

The object then appeared to descend behind a nearby hill.

North Carolina Field Investigator Sanford Davis investigated. After repeated attempts, the witness could not be reached. Davis closed the case as an IFO – Identified Flying Object.

“It was most likely a helicopter or a light engine plane,” he stated.

Hovering triangle UFO photographed by Florida witness

A Port St. Lucie, FL, witness reported watching and photographing a triangle-shaped UFO that hovered and “moved erratically” in the sky for seven hours, according to March 6, 2014, testimony in Case 54490.

Witness photo. (Credit: MUFON)

View the full photo here.

The event began about 11 p.m. on March 2, 2014, when the witness was at Jensen Beach and first saw the unidentified object. The report was filed by Florida MUFON State Section Director Mary Margaret Zimmer for the witness.

“Witness saw a dark gray object with bright lights on the bottom,” Zimmer stated. “The object appeared triangular in shape with blue light around the perimeter. A dime (at arm’s length) would cover the object. The object appeared ‘thick’ and about 50 feet long. The object hovered, flashed light and moved erratically.”

The case was investigated by Florida Field Investigators Louise Kizer and Mary Margaret Zimmer. After multiple attempts to reach the witness, the case was closed as Insufficient Evidence.

Florida Dad, kids chase low flying orb UFO

A Florida witness in Miami driving near 8th Street and 42nd Avenue with the kids in the backseat reported chasing and photographing an orb-shaped UFO moving low over commercial buildings, according to March 6, 2014, testimony in Case 54488.

When the Florida Dad driving through Miami with kids in the backseat saw the low flying orb UFO, he decided to follow the object and get a photo. (Credit: Google)

The incident occurred just after 7:15 p.m. on February 28, 2014, as the witness noticed a “single light orb floating” nearby and became curious.

“Had the kids so decided to drive to it,” the witness stated. “But traffic began to build. I can see it going from one building top to another – low. When I couldn’t get around traffic I looked to the right and noticed another set across the street. This one was flicking in three set pulses and also low – above homes. This one was in my residence area.”

The witness quickly turned and began to follow the object.

“I managed to get some video at dusk as it flicked low and silently above homes towards the northwest. I had the kids with me, so after videoing it, I called off the tracking.”

The witness provided one image and one video with the MUFON report, which was filed on March 6, 2014. See Image 1 and Video 1.

Florida Field Investigator Thomas Branham closed the case as an IFO – Identified Flying Object.

“I feel that there is a distinct possibility of a drone,” he stated. “The speed, flight movement, size, and closeness to the ground could all be consistent with the movement of a drone. A recent video of a drone filmed in New York City verifies that a small, modified, non-military drone can be operated from great distances which the witness was skeptical of. Also the pattern of the blinking light that seemed to come in a series of threes could be preset on the drone.

“Ruling out other possibilities I feel that the most credible possibility of this sighting is a drone.”

North Carolina witness ‘not afraid’ as low flying disc UFO moves away

A North Carolina witness in the Yanceyville-Blanch area reported not being afraid while watching a large, low flying, disc-shaped UFO because it was moving away, according to March 6, 2014, testimony in Case 54491.

The witness was outside with the family dog and watching the night sky when the object was first seen about 10:30 p.m. on January 15, 2014.

The Yanceyville-Blanch, NC, area. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

“It came from the right side of the house as I was facing west,” the witness stated. “It was so large I saw it immediately with peripheral vision and turned slightly to my right to see it track rapidly toward the west.”

The witness described the object’s movement.

“Movement was rapid but slow enough for me to get a good look to see defined edges; that it was oval from my vantage point and that it looked like it had clouds inside. I realized it was probably reflecting ground lights instead. There was no question that it was a disk of some sort. The sky was crystal clear with stars.”

North Carolina Field Investigator Sanford Davis closed this case as an Unknown.

“The witness said the object moved at about 60 mph in a straight line before it disappeared over the treetop,” Davis stated. “The total sighting lasted about 15 seconds. I Checked MUFON’s and NUFORC’s database for that time period and found no other similar sightings. The witness seemed intelligent and articulate. This was not her first sighing.”

California ghost town UFO witnesses give chase

A California witness recalls a late-night encounter at Calico Ghost Town with a silent 300-foot-wide triangle UFO just 300 feet off of the ground that outran his attempts to catch up to it, according to March 6, 2014, testimony in Case 54492.

The witness and three friends were sleeping outside at Calico during a September 1973 visit when the object was first seen about 2 a.m. One of the reporting witnesses’ friends pointed the object out.

“I rolled over and saw what I thought was the moon shining through a weather balloon and told Mike, ‘It’s just a weather balloon,’ and rolled back over.”

But his friend answered back, “That isn’t a balloon.”

“When I rolled over onto my back, I could now see a large triangular craft approximately 300 feet across and approximately 300 feet off of the ground slowly moving over the top of us. What I thought was the moon shining through a balloon now looked more like an observation bubble under the nose of the craft, and it was glowing a dull light purple in color.”

The witness described the object.

“As it moved over it made no sound, and I saw no lights, but as it cleared the moon you could see the light reflect off the craft and it gave it the color of gun metal blue, and the edges appeared to be rounded. It continued its slow moving progress away from us following the hills of the desert, and flying just above hill top level.”

Witnesses recall a 300-foot-wide triangle UFO that moved over Calico Ghost Town in California. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The witness and one of his companions decided to give chase on foot.

“We followed running up hills, then down one and up another, but the craft got further away each time, so we stopped and just watched. I saw no sign of an engine and we heard no sounds.”

The witness stated that they were lucky to have seen it due to its stealth appearance and movement.

“Had it not been for the fact it flew right over the top of us, we would never even had known it was there. My feeling was that the craft was running in stealth mode, no lights and at very low levels to avoid detection. What struck me so odd was back then it was supposed to be fast moving, skinny disk-shaped objects, like in ‘Chariots of the Gods.’ I did not see anything like what we saw until I watched a program on TV describing the same thing I saw, except ours did not have any of the lights mentioned.”

California Chief Investigator Cinde Costello investigated and closed this case as an IFO – Identified Flying Object.

“From many years of experience with viewing the sky at night, I’d say that there is a very good possibility that this object may have been a cloud crossing the moon,” Costello stated. “The witness was only 13 years old when this occurred, an age when even under normal conditions, many otherwise mundane things tend to take on a spookier quality than they truly are. On top of it all, research has proven that some of our memories aren’t exactly as accurate as we give them credit for.

“As a rule, that location in the summertime experiences monsoonal conditions, and many clouds are usually present in the sky, rain or no rain. His ‘Moon shining through a weather balloon’ description does sound typical for a cloud, and I feel certain that his reported distance of the object was much further away from them than he estimates. Without more to work with here, (she was unable to contact the witness), I’m going to go ahead and class as such: Misidentification. IFO-Natural Phenomenon.”

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