Birdwatcher records video of a UFO

A birdwatcher spotted something much more mysterious than birds in the sky above the English village of Burwell in Cambridgeshire.

The witness reports that, after a day of birdwatching on December 9, a UFO was spotted in the distance. The birdwatcher, perplexed by this aerial object, recorded more than five minutes of video footage of the UFO.

The UFO over Burwell. (Credit: Dc S/YouTube)

The witness uploaded the video to YouTube the following day. “What on earth is it? Never seen anything like it before,” the witness comments.

As local media outlet Ely Standard points out, the witness claims to have noticed the UFO shortly after observing two CV-22 Osprey military planes in the area.

Several RAF bases are in close vicinity to where the video was recorded. RAF Mildenhall, for example, is just a few miles from the sighting point. This particular military installation houses the U.S. Air Force’s 352nd Special Operations Group, which happens to operate CV-22 Ospreys. The U.S. Air Force’s 100th Air Refueling Wing is also housed at RAF Mildenhall. This organization conducts air refueling operations using KC-135 Stratotankers. Air tankers that perform air-to-air refueling operations are equipped with several lights on the rear of the aircraft to provide visibility and to provide navigational directions to refueling pilots.

A KC-767 performing in-flight refueling operations. (Credit: Defense Industry Daily)

Based on the appearance and behavior of the UFO in the witness’s video, a KC-135 is a likely identification, especially given the proximity to RAF Mildenhall.

But in a comment posted on the video, the witness opines that the aerial object is actually a “UFO unidentified flying object from outer space with space aliens onboard coming to kill us all!!!!”

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