Alien movie ‘Ejecta’ plays on secret government conspiracies

IFC Midnight is making it clear that UFOs and aliens are a key focus in the company’s content portfolio. The subsidiary of AMC Networks acquired distribution rights to two UFO-related films earlier this year: Hangar 10 and Extraterrestrial. And, this distribution label has reportedly just acquired distribution rights for another UFO-related movie titled Ejecta.

Poster for Ejecta.
Poster for Ejecta.

Entertainment news website Bloody Disgusting describes that, in Ejecta, “reclusive UFO conspiracy theorist William Cassidy is taken prisoner by a secret government agency investigating the arrival of an alien life form. Through flashbacks they uncover the terrifying details of what happened the night the alien returned and changed everything we thought we knew about the universe.”

The movie was written by Tony Burgess, directed by Chad Archibald and Matt Wiele, and produced by independent studio Foresight Features. Dee Wallace, the mom from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, makes a cameo in this film. The film also stars Julian Richings, Lisa Houle, and Adam Seybold.

(Credit: Foresight Features)

Ejecta premiered back in August at the 2014 Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal. It’s unclear what IFC Midnight has planned for the movie. But, if it follows the same formula used for Hangar 10 and Extraterrestrial, the movie will soon be made available as video-on-demand, and released in select theaters.

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