Air Force medic says Eisenhower met ET

F-22 Raptors lined up on the airfield at Holloman AFB (image credit: USAF)
F-22 Raptors lined up on the airfield at Holloman AFB (image credit: USAF).

Bill Kirklin was a medic at Holloman Air Force Base in 1955 where he believes President Dwight Eisenhower landed for a secret meeting with Extraterrestrials.

Bill Kirklin (image credit: Paola Harris)

UFO researcher Paola Harris interviewed Kirklin in Washington D.C. this past April in 2009 during Steve Bassett’s X-Conference, where Kirklin was a speaker.  Now that he realizes that what he heard in 1955 could be true, Kirklin has decided to come out with his story.

For many years there have been rumors of Eisenhower meeting extraterrestrials on secret trips to Air Force bases.  Some even believe that Eisenhower entered into secret agreements between the United States government and cosmic civilizations.  The evidence to support these claims has been sparse.  However, Bill Kirklin says he was at Holloman Air Force base when such an event took place, and that although he didn’t see anything, his colleagues had.

What Kirklin knows for certain is that Eisenhower did visit Holloman while Kirklin was stationed there in 1955.  He remembers the circumstances being strange, because normally the President would get a parade, but the parade for this visit was cancelled the day before he arrived.

Among the peculiar events of the day of Eisenhower’s visit, Kirklin recalls that he was part of a strange conversation between two officers, during his coffee break.  He remembers it going like this:

Officer 1: “I’m the Officer of the day.  Air Force One (the President’s plane) came in.”

Kirklin: “What happened?”

Officer 1: “He landed, then turned around and stopped.”  After a pause, the officer added: “We were told to turn off the radar.”

Kirklin: “Now why were we asked to turn off the radar?”

Officer 1: “I don’t know, we just turned it off.”

Officer 2: “I heard that the one that was shot down by Roswell was brought down through radar.”  (It is assumed by Roswell that the officer meant the alleged crash of a UFO in Roswell, NM.)

Paola Harris and Bill Kirklin in Washington D.C. (image credit: Paola Harris).

After that, Kirklin went back to minding his own business, but he heard the officers continue talking.  They talked about seeing an alien autopsy before continuing their discussion on the President’s visit.

They discussed two crafts, one landed in front of the President’s plane and the other hovered overhead, as if it was protecting the other.  The President got out of his plane and walked into the craft on the ground.  The President was in the craft for around forty five minutes before coming out and walking back to his airplane.

One of the officers asked the other if “they” were grey.  The other answered that he did not know, because he could not see them, and that the guys in the tower had binoculars, but weren’t able to view them either.  Kirklin finally asked who the officers were.  However, they covered their name badges, and didn’t give their names.

The hangars at Holloman AFB (image credit: USAF).

Later that morning, Kirklin found his commanding Officer, Airman Dorsey Moore, who had been missing from his duties.  Moore had his own wild story to tell.  He said that he had gone to the Commissary with his wife in the morning and that they had seen a large metal disk hovering above the flight line.  Moore said it was 20 to 30 feet wide, and was there when they went to the Commissary, and it was still there once they left.  Moore told Kirklin that he should go take a look.  Kirklin had to ask permission to leave the hospital, but was told he could not, so he was unable to go look at the disk.  Later, in the day Kirklin was asked by a new second Lieutenant whether or not he had seen anything on the flight line that day, Kirklin said he had not, but told him about what he had heard.

After work, Kirklin ran into Moore again, who had been missing for a second time.  Kirklin told Moore that he better go check in and asked where he had been.  Moore just said he had been to a meeting.  Kirklin would find out more about this meeting later.

After eating dinner, Kirklin was locking up the hospital and met a doctor and Lieutenant having a conversation.  The Lieutenant was saying that there were several meetings in the base theater with over two hundred and fifty men each with the base commander and the Commander-in-Chief.  Kirklin asked for clarification on whether he meant the president, and the Lieutenant repeated “Commander-in-Chief”.

Kirklin asked what they talked about, but again the Lieutenant was illusive.  He said the conversation was “classified”.  Kikirlin asked if he meant “Confidential”, the Lieutenant said “higher”.  Kirklin asked “secret?”  The Lieutenant repeated “higher”, and that it wasn’t any of Kirklin’s business.

A briefing at Holloman AFB (image credit: USAF).

Back in his room at the end of the night, Kirklin was called out when Air Force One was leaving.  He was able to watch it leave, and at least witness that the President was in fact visiting the Air Base.

Kirklin told Harris that he really hadn’t thought much about these events since then, until 1995 when he heard UFO whistleblower, Robert Dean on the radio talking about a mysterious visit to Holloman Air Force Base by Air Force One.   Kirklin said he thought, “My God!  I was there.”

Since then Kirklin has talked with colleagues who also worked at Holloman.  However, he told Harris that he didn’t believe any of these guys would talk, because as Kirklin put it, “They took the oath and they took it seriously.”

Harris asked if he was afraid to talk about these matters.  Kirklin believes that if he had talked about it thirty years ago, that he might be dead, but he feels safe today because of the many others who have come forward.  He mentioned that Steven Greer’s disclosure project to get military witnesses to talk about their UFO experiences helped him feel safer.

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