Air Force offers explanation for Saturday UFOs over Phoenix

The Phoenix Lights
A pair of UFOs were seen in the Phoenix, Arizona sky on Saturday night. One witness provided this description: “Two meteors falling from the sky, with flames and sparks trailing behind them, began turning and moving. Lights were going off and on, the flames and sparks would come and go.” The local ABC affiliate says they received several calls about the strange lights.

A spokesperson for the fire department said the lights were parachute exercises, possibly including pyrotechnics. But this spokesperson did not know what group was performing the exercises. It seems odd for the fire department to claim knowledge of the alleged exercises and possible pyrotechnics usage, but not know the responsible party, especially in a dry area like Phoenix where fire risk is high, and fires and pyrotechnics are usually restricted or heavily regulated.

Later, an alternative explanation was offered by the U.S. Air Force – flares. The Air Force alleges that the lights were simply flares from the Barry Goldwater Range – the same explanation given for the Phoenix Lights of 1997.

Witnesses aren’t buying either of the explanations.

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