Adamski-like UFO photographed in Italy

Antonio Urzi (credit: Antonio Huneeus)
A photographer in Milan, Italy recently captured multiple mysterious UFOs on camera. According to Mexican journalist and TV personality Jaime Maussan, on Monday, September 19, Antonio Urzi was taking some test shots with a camera and telephoto lens when he noticed a strange object in the sky. According to Urzi, the object appeared to be a flying sphere, but with his telephoto lens, he was able to see much more detail.

The series of eleven photographs shows a saucer-shaped craft with a sphere-shaped object centered on the bottom of the craft, and three smaller sphere-shaped objects around the larger sphere. This object strongly resembles the well-known UFO photograph by George Adamski in 1952.

This sequence of photos also shows smaller independent sphere-shaped objects accompanying the larger object. Some of the photos only show one of these spheres moving around around the larger craft, while other photos show at least two small spheres in the sky with the larger craft.

Urzi claims that after snapping the eleven photos, his camera stopped working, and the UFO and its spheres disappeared.

UFO investigator Piergiorgio Caria apparently analyzed Urzi’s photos and told Tercer Milenio reporter Yohanan Diaz that there is no evidence to indicate that the photos have been altered at all. Caria has been closely associated with the Urzi case for some time, so take his findings as you will.

Urzi has taken hundreds, if not thousands, of photos and videos of UFOs in Italy, but also around the globe. He claims to be followed by UFOs. His photos and videos are highly controversial, and many question the authenticity of his evidence. While his latest photos resemble the Adamski UFO, many consider Adamski’s infamous UFO photos to be hoaxes.

What do you think? Are these latest images proof of unknown technology (extraterrestrial or otherwise), or proof of a hoax? Watch the video below to see all the photos.

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