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They believe their experiences demonstrate an interest by UFOs in our nuclear capabilities.

Air Force officers reveal UFOs interested in Nukes

Book cover to Robert Hastings' UFOs and Nukes.

Book cover to Robert Hastings' UFOs and Nukes.

Today retired Air Force personnel, including an ex-base commander, are speaking at a press conference for the National Press Club in Washington D.C., sharing their experiences with UFOs while on duty at Air Force bases that housed nuclear weapons. They believe their experiences demonstrate an interest by UFOs in our nuclear capabilities.

In one case, presented by retired captain Robert Salas, 16 nuclear missiles became non-operational at Malmstrom Air Force base in Montana, while UFOs were reported outside the gates of the base. One security guard became so frightened by the approaching UFOs that he jumped a fence, injuring himself. The UFOs were reported as large red lights flying around and stationing themselves just outside the gate.

Another presenter at the conference is retired Colonel Charles Halt, who at the time was deputy base commander, when in 1980 UFOs were reported outside of his base in the UK. RAF Bentwaters was on lease to the US during the Cold War, and was just outside of a forest called Rendlesham were these events took place.

In the very early morning hours of December 26th lights were seen by security guards. Sergeant Penniston along with two other airmen went to check on the lights. They saw very bright objects in the forest that eventually flew into the air and departed at very high speeds. Sergeant Penniston reports that he was even able to touch the strange object.

Illistration of UFO seen over the RAF Bentwaters weapons storage facility.

Illustration of UFO seen over the RAF Bentwaters weapons storage facility.

Hastings on CNN.

Hastings on CNN.

Having heard about this incident the next day, Col. Halt was skeptical that they saw anything unusual and believed that they had misinterpreted something mundane. That was until that night when more lights were seen in the forest. Halt himself led a group of men into the forest where they witnessed a bright glowing triangular object that also flew out in to the night at very high speeds. The sightings in the forest went on for a day or so longer. Although it was not common knowledge at the time, it was later confirmed that the U.S. was secretly storing nuclear arms at the base.

The press conference was organized by UFO researcher Robert Hastings. He has written a book titled UFOs and Nukes. Inspired by a UFO sighting of his own in 1967 at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Hastings has spent years gathering testimony and making the case that UFOs do seem to have an interest in nuclear sites.

Open Minds magazine has devoted its latest issue (Oct/Nov 2010) to UFO landings, and in particular to the Rendlesham forest incident. Open Minds Radio has also recently had Robert Salas, James Penniston, and Robert Hastings as guests to talk about their experiences. You can listen to those shows at the links below.

Robert Salas on Open Minds Radio

James Penniston on Open Minds Radio

Robert Hastings on Open Minds Radio

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  1. I pulled up this website this morning after hearing about the airforce officers speaking publicly on cnn. This is one of the very few times I have seen any mainstream media mention any thing about UFO’s. It is about time.

  2. Bob Hastings has been trying to get this message out for years. He’s been on Larry King more than once, and I’m glad that Bob Salas and the other officers got a chance to speak out to the media. There is a bit of momentum now; the Catholic Church pronouncements on ET life, the release of the Leslie Kean book (and its publicity), the James Fox documentaries, and now this. This momentum, and by that I mean mass media exposure, must continue. This discussion must be kept in the public eye. Soon the holidays will be here and thoughts will be elsewhere. I hope this event has a lasting effect.

  3. To be considered: if the extraterrestrial are indeed from another planet or even a secret society from our own planet, there is the possibility that they are from our view point, what we would call our future. Traveling from closest neighboring planet some 20 light years away at a warp speed close to light speed time would significantly slow down for them, while the outside world is fast urging on at normal speed, therefore from the view of them outside the spaceship,the spaceship is traveling backwards in time, lagging behind further and further as regular the regular time we are in proceed forward normally. So then by the time they arrive here on Earth is the past. Our technology which would have to have been behind by 50 years or more for example,would appear to be them something they had that many years ago. Now any wise man know traveling to ones past can have drastic consequences if it is altered, like killing your descendant unknowingly and thereby creating that nasty paradox of being alive in the future but getting killed in past. Point being the extraterrestrials are quite apparently weary of interfering with the present not knowing what the future consequences may be. Perhaps many of you have seen the movie “The Butterfly Effect,” it is good example of the paradoxical consequences of traveling back in time; it is even more pronounced if the individual is of this world, that is, he or she has his descendants here. In conclusion: it is not a small matter to interfere with another’s time period matters and course of events. I personally can account for some of the people that would have been injured gravely or died if had not there some years prior than now.

  4. The scarey part is not that they can disarm nukes,They can activate them as well..By the way..how many nukes are in the world…What are they trying to tell us..?? I think one doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out..From just a guy that saw ufo’s for himself many times.And THEY ARE REAL !!!

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