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A look at mainstream media's treatment of the UFO subject.

UFOs and mainstream media

Bryce Zabel, Lee Speigel, and Ben Hansen discussing UFOs in the media at the 2012 IUFOC. (Credit: Jason McClellan)

Mainstream media has historically cast a crooked eye on UFO stories, sightings, and its community of researchers. The stories have been relegated to the end of the newscasts as the anchors smile and shake their heads. It’s not just the media. Hollywood holds a large part too. With its constant barrage of “aliens attacking mankind scenarios,” it’s easy to understand how this view is so easily accepted.

At the 2012 International UFO Congress, a panel was held to discuss how UFOs and sightings are reported, and Hollywood’s role in portraying them in film. Bryce Zabel, Ben Hansen, and Lee Speigel converged to voice their views. All three have extensive backgrounds in both media and film, and have dedicated their careers to changing the awareness of the masses. Public perception may be shifting, too. With NASA having released news about new planets being discovered where life could potentially exist, and the increasing amount of information available online, the views on UFOs may be feeling the winds of change.

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