Investigating the bizarre animal mutilation phenomenon

The Open Minds team was recently in Las Vegas, Nevada to cover a special lecture at the National Atomic Testing Museum titled Military UFOs: Secrets Revealed. While there, we were approached by Frank Reekie, a man who wanted to share with us photos and details related to a cattle mutilation that took place near Coyote Summmit, Nevada, approximately 150 miles north of Las Vegas, just off Highway 375, also known as the Extraterrestrial Highway.

Mutilated cattle found by Frank Reekie in Coyote Summit, NV. (Credit: Frank Keekie)

According to Reekie, he and a friend discovered two mutilated cows on March 10, 2012 near what some refer to as the “back gate” to secret military installation Area 51. He explained that the cows had laser-like incisions and missing body parts, with no evidence of blood in or around the animals. It is unknown how long these animals had been dead by the time they were discovered. Predatory animals could be responsible for some of the damage, but without a proper investigation, evidence that could provide answers is lost.

Paranormal investigator Chuck Zukowski has spent more than twenty-five years investigating phenomena ranging from ghosts to UFOs. He is also a leader in animal mutilation research. As he explained in a recent interview on the web series Spacing Out!, a potentially mutilated animal needs to be investigated within 24-30 hours of its death. Although Zukowski’s law enforcement background provides him with proper investigation procedures and the know-how to properly collect and handle evidence, he also follows guidelines given to him by Colorado State University.

Cattle are usually the animal most people think of related to the mutilation phenomenon, but sheep, horses, and other animals are also found with unusual wounds like missing body parts, precision cuts, and a complete lack of blood in the body or evidence of blood around the body.

Watch the Spacing Out! interview with Zukowski below to hear more about this mysterious phenomenon.

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